10 makeup mistakes you could well be making

It’s impossible to tell if we’re making mistakes or just experimenting with makeup, given the number of tips and tricks that are sold to us every day. We are here to assist! Here are ten common makeup mistakes that people make every day and how you can easily fix them!

How to create the perfect wing by pulling the skin around your eyes

Even I did it, and I learned how bad it was for me. Think of fine lines and skin that is aging due to the loss of elasticity. Let’s not forget that you can end up with an incredibly uneven line. Now, I’m going to use a Post-it note. You heard it right! However, you could theoretically use any folded piece of paper, card, or similar to achieve this effect. No more cotton buds or reapplications; I get the perfect winged eyes every day.

Applying lip gloss to dry lips

It’s a no-no because your lipstick will not apply evenly. Instead, it will seep into the lip lines, making your lips look parched. In some cases, your lips may even appear crusty. Preparing your lips is a better option. Many people apply foundation to their lips, believing that it will help keep the lipstick in place longer. I think this actually dries your lips out even more. Use a lip balm or chapstick and let it absorb. After a few moments, blot the excess and apply your favorite lipstick color. It will glide on smoothly and evenly. It will also last longer. And there won’t even be a single crusty lip to be seen!

Test foundation shades on your hand.

Many people do this, but are they getting the right shade for their skin tone? It’s important to test a few different shades at your neck and jawline. The skin on the back of your hand is usually darker than your face, so you should try a couple of each. Remember that your neck and jawline will get more sun than your face, so it’s important to choose a foundation color that is similar to both.

How to apply makeup using the wrong tools

Blending is the key to a natural look. Blended makeup can appear heavy and unnatural. You will be well-equipped with some good brushes and a beauty blender. These tools will help you reach all the contours of your face. The beauty blender is designed to be dampened, which allows for an even application of makeup and ensures that it never looks heavy.

Applying eyeliner in the wrong shade on your lower lash line

Black is undoubtedly the most popular shade of eyeliner on the market, but does it fit all? No! It’s best to use brown eyeliner on your bottom lashline if you, like me, have a fair complexion and blonde hair. Black can look harsh, and instead of opening your eyes up (who doesn’t like large doll-like eyelashes? ), it may make them appear smaller. It can make your eyes look smaller. You can also use a waterline liner or a nude pencil to make your eyes look bigger. This will open your eyes up and make them appear wider!

Application of lip liner incorrectly

To achieve a larger, more luscious lip, you should not draw a line around them with Lip Liner. Lip liner should be used to define lips, not create a border. You can also use a lip liner as an adhesive to keep your lipstick in place longer. Instead of drawing a hard outline, you should draw softer lines and then fill them in with the lip liner.

Overloading foundation powder

Face powder can be an excellent makeup item when it is used properly and sparingly (I’ve been in love with ELES Mineral Powder Foundation for years!) Regardless of your skin type, using too much powder on the face can age you. It can actually highlight wrinkles and fine lines instead of concealing them! Use it sparingly, either on the t-zone or to touch up quickly.

Dramatic eyeshadow and statement lips together

Who doesn’t like a bold, beautiful lip? If you have dramatic eyes, keep your lips neutral or nude to balance out the look. If you want to go for a statement lip look, leave your eye makeup as natural as possible. It can be fun to experiment with different makeup colors but keep in mind the “less is better” rule.

How to apply blush incorrectly

When used correctly, a Blush will elongate the face and give it high cheekbones. It will also make your face look slimmer. If you apply it incorrectly, you may end up looking like someone with rosacea or a clown. Apply a blush in a complementary color to your cheeks using an angle blush brush. Then, sweep it upwards toward your ears and temples.

Forgetting a vital step – prepping your skin

Your skin may feel and look dry if you don’t use your moisturizer before applying foundation. Makeup tends to adhere to the dry skin patches, making them look patchy. Even fine wrinkles and lines will be highlighted! Apply your moisturizer and wait for it to absorb properly. Then, apply your foundation.

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