7 reasons your skin is dehydrated and how to fix it

Winter, darn winter! It’s that time of the year when your skin may look and feel parched. Think lackluster, inflamed, or devitalized. Your skin may be dehydrated and needs some serious moisture boost. Love! Even those with oily complexions can suffer from dehydration! Even if your skin is oily, you’re not immune to lifestyle and external factors that can dehydrate your skin. In fact, dehydration is characterized by a lack of water and not oil.

Dehydrated skin can usually be treated with lifestyle changes and topical creams. Here are seven reasons why you may be suffering from dry skin and how to fix it.

Water intake

Drinking plenty of water is the best way to prevent dehydration. There are two things to consider: When and how. Water intake should begin as soon as you awake from a blissful sleep! Drinking approximately two glasses of water in the morning is the best way to restore your fluid levels. After all, you haven’t replenished them for several hours.

Too little sleep of a ‘good’ quality

Keep this in mind! Dehydration leads to poor sleep, and poor sleep causes dehydration. We’re in a vicious circle. Before you go to bed, take your mobile phone off of your hands (so guilty!). Put it down! You don’t have to be told how screen time affects you. Secondly, drink a glass of water before you go to bed. Yes, you might think it’s a bad idea, as you will be up all night going to the toilet, but your skin and other vital organs will love the water, and you’ll notice the difference the next morning! Turn off the lights and enjoy some shut-eye. According to research, those who sleep an average of 6 hours per night are 59% more likely than someone sleeping 8 hours to be dehydrated. Then that’s me. Someone, pass me a glass of water!

Too much caffeine & alcohol

If you suffer from dehydration, reducing the amount of alcohol and caffeine in your diet will have a dramatic effect on your skin. For every cup of coffee or glass of wine you drink, make sure to follow it up with a glass of water.

Does your skincare routine or lack thereof?

It is important to hydrate the skin on the outside as well. Topical treatments that lock in moisture can help prevent transepidermal loss of water.

Use A Hyaluronic Serum

It helps to bind and maintain moisture and keeps skin soft, subtle, and plump. Wrinkle Dimension Concentrate Hyaluronic Acid is our favorite!

b. Apply a rich moisturizer to your skin at night

Our skin naturally loses moisture when we sleep, so using a rich moisturizer before bed can help. We recommend the Pevonia Age Correct Marine Collagen Cream, which is rich in Hyaluronic acid and Collagen. This combination will replenish your skin. We also recommend the Hydrasea Rich Night Cream, which is designed to provide optimum skin moisture during the night. The skin has been drenched with humidity since the first application!

c) Don’t use harsh face Scrub, but do exfoliate!

Exfoliation can help restore dehydrated skin by removing dead skin cells. Use a mild exfoliating cleanser only once or twice per week.

Hot Water

Hot water can strip your skin’s natural oils, which are the oils that protect your skin from water loss.

You will thank me if you turn down the heat in your shower or bath, especially if it is a cold day or night.

Your daily diet

You already know what your diet can do to your skin, but did you also know that essential fatty acid is vital for our skin? Think of oily fish, fresh green vegetables, and nuts. Next time you decide to “diet,” consider the impact it could have on your skin, especially if you’re depriving yourself of good fats.

Heating/Air Conditioning

While many of us rely on air conditioning or heating to keep warm in the winter, these systems can disrupt your skin’s natural moisture balance. While it is unlikely that we would be willing to turn off the heating, Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr if the weather was cold, you should still balance out your day by getting some fresh air. If your skin feels particularly dry, a spritz can help to rehydrate your skin.

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