These styles are short and stylish, so embrace your masculinity. These styles are great for those who don’t know how to grow a beard or don’t have the time. These styles look great and are easy to maintain. Short beards look great in summer and are easier to maintain.

Short Boxed Beard

A box beard is a shorter version of a full beard. A minimum length of a three-quarter-inch is ideal. This is another masculine style that looks great in summer and is versatile. This style can be worn with any hairstyle, even a bald one. A short, boxed beard is more work-friendly and easier to maintain than one with a full beard. A mustache is added to the beard, which covers most of the lower half of the face. This style will highlight your cheekbones if you keep the cheek line lower.


In Mission: Impossible: Fallout, Henry Cavill was the best-known beard stache. This unique, masculine beard is not only for movie stars or international spies. This is a short, boxed style, with the cheeks and jaw trimmed shorter than your mustache. The mustache can be seen from the beard. You can maintain the extra length of your beard by using beard oil and trimming the beard regularly.

Van Dyke Beard

The Van Dyke beard will suit those who prefer a more naughty vibe. The short beard is named after Anthony van Dyck, a 17 th-century Flemish painter. Johnny Depp, Pierce Brosnan and other celebrities love this beard. This style features a classic, available mustache and a soul patch. Because it is more flexible, the Van Dyke is a great choice for young men and those with less hair. Maintaining the Van Dyke requires keeping your cheeks and jawline clean and trimming your length occasionally.

Royal Beard

A mustache and a strip at the chin will make you a royal beard. The chin strip, a vertical section of hair that runs down your chin, can be as thick or thin as you wish. A classic mustache is the best. It would help if you aimed to achieve a balanced thickness between the mustache & the strip so that neither looks out of place. This distinguished style should look great on the cheeks and neck. This short beard style, similar to the Van Dyke is ideal for those with more uneven growth.

The Balbo

Balboa adds class to your look. Another two-part beard style, the baby is often characterized by a mustache and a goatee. This style, similar to Van Dyke is perfect if you have some patchiness around your mouth where the mustache and beard join. Robert Downey Jr. and Justin Timberlake are two of the many celebrities who love this look.

Chin Strap Beard

chin strap beard will define your jawline and give it a sleek look. The chin strap beard is a hairstyle that extends from one sideburn to another. It’s a short, straight-cut strip that runs under your chin. You can choose to vary the thickness of your chin strap beard. It should not extend beyond the jawline and chin. This style is often paired with sharp edges. You can wear it with or without a mustache. Stormzy, Lewis Hamilton and Chris Daughtry are some celebrities who have sported this style.

Classic Stache

The classic stache, which is more accessible than the chevron, is an easier version. This timeless style is versatile and will work for most men, even if you have the weakest facial hair. Let the hair grow naturally on your upper lip. Keep your jawline, cheeks, and neck clean. You should trim the mustache slightly above your lip and just outside your mouth. You’ll need to trim more frequently if you have thick, fast-growing hair. The classic stache looks great on most men. It is also unpretentious, universal, and suits everyone.

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