An expert’s dating advice for over 50s

Why do you think there is a need to create a dating app for people over 50?

Since 2006, I have been a dating expert. People in their 30s and 40s asked me the most frequent question: How can they help divorced or widowed parents find love again? And which app or website could they use?

As I continued researching the market, I realized that many over-50s were using apps made for millennials and even lying about their ages to get on them. Many of the products that were ‘designed for over 50s” seemed to treat people as if they stopped using apps and smartphones once they turned 50.

What does it mean for a relationship to change over time?

One of the greatest challenges for those over 50 is often not being single for many decades and maybe never dating before. Because modern dating can seem a little complicated, there can be some education.

Despite this, most people I meet become more comfortable in their skin as they age. They can identify what they want and what they don’t want. This can be a great advantage for dating.

How do changes in the body affect how people feel about themselves and how they date?

No matter your age, changes to your body can affect your confidence. So aspects such as menopause or erectile dysfunction may significantly impact confidence. It is important to know when to be alone and get out on the dating scene.

It can be dangerous to meet someone you don’t feel your true self. When you find someone you like, talk about your body changes. Everyone goes through them. Honest communication is key to relationships.

Are there any safety tips you can share with someone meeting them for the first time?

Talk on dating apps or websites where it is possible to monitor for red flags, such as money requests, moderated (if someone becomes abusive), and where you can block and report others.

If you are going to meet someone, make sure you do it in public. Don’t let them pick you up or drop you off until you get to know them. Also, try not too much personal information early on in your relationship.

Don’t forget to take your drink and bag with you when you meet a stranger. Take your time getting to know them. Tell someone where you are, and then report back at the end.

People I have met become more comfortable with their skin as they age. [Older people] are more likely to know what they want and don’t want. This can be a great advantage for dating.

Do you have any tips for someone who hasn’t had a date in years?

According To dating agencies sydney Don’t be afraid of losing conversation.

You should choose an activity that you can walk around side-by-side so that there are natural distractions. This is a much more comfortable way to have fun and less intimidating.

How can you tell someone you don’t want them to see you again?

Be honest and upfront. Ghosting is the most common complaint about dating. This refers to when someone disappears and doesn’t tell the truth.

Do you have any tips for getting over a breakup?

Take your time after a breakup. If it has been a difficult relationship, you should take some time to yourself and gain confidence. Only go out with someone you are ready to date.

Remember that rejections are not always about you. Don’t take it personally, and remember that it’s only one person. It’s usually the other person.

There are much fish in the ocean, and everyone is rejected.

Do you have any tips for adding a new member to your family?

Don’t rush. Take your time. Communicate with your family and others.

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