Are fashion actually earning money

In reality fashion bloggers work on a freelance basis and no one pays him any fixed amount.

It is likely that you are wondering: What is the best way to begin a blog about fashion and earn money?

Option 1 – Advertisement

The success of a fashion blog is measured through the amount of visitors who visit the blog. If a blog about fashion has lots of people who read it, it will be attractive to advertisers who will be willing to pay for advertisements on the blog.

For instance, one of the most well-known fashion bloggers from Italy is Chiara Ferragani. More than 90 thousand readers browse her blog every day. Design firms that post their advertisements on her blog are paid around 3,000 euros each year for each banner. Other Italian fashion blogger Nicoletta Reggio (blog receives from advertising 800 euros per month.

An alternative for advertisers on your fashion blog is to contact design firms that ask you to write a piece about them.

Option 2 – Fashion blog as a site that you can meet prospective clients

The second option is a choice for few fashion bloggers since you need to have a blog with a high traffic to earn more from advertising.

Another option is to utilize the fashion blog to serve as a platform for promoting your services as professional stylist, and image maker.

Your blog readers notice that you are knowledgeable of things regarding fashion and style. Give them helpful advice, and someday they might solicit your assistance.

It should be your CV, portfolio, and contacts on your blog.

Option 3. Collaboration together with fashionable designers

This kind of collaboration is frequent in Italy and across Europe:

 The first option:

Fashion designers (it could be well-known brands like Gucci or even less well-known brands too) offer bloggers their possessions (clothes bags, clothes accessory, jewelry) and the blogger on his blog explains what he/she thinks of these items or not and what they could be used. That’s how bloggers of fashion can afford their clothing.

 Second kind of cooperation:

Fashion designer invites bloggers to test their products, and then the blogger must write about it on their blog.

 A third kind of collaboration:

Fashion designer gives an online fashion blogger invitations to attend the fashion show, the party, and other events. the fashion blogger goes to the party and then writes about the event in their blog.

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