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Blog Post IdeasYou know how valuable a blog is if you own a beauty company. A high-quality blog can help you gain the trust of customers, as well as increase your company’s exposure. Thinking of new and exciting topic ideas each week can be challenging.

We’re happy to assist. You’ll never be at a loss for topics to write about again with our 100 beauty-related blog post ideas. Even if we give you the topics to write about, blogging takes time. Check out our Blog Writing Services to do all the work for you.

Here are 50 beauty blog post examples to inspire you.

  1. Eurocentric Beauty Standards are Harmful to POC

It is essential to continue to be critical of beauty standards, which have caused harm to people of color for many decades. You can raise awareness about the issues people of color face within the beauty industry by using topics like this.

  1. Essentials for a Vacation Beauty

When going on vacation, everyone tends to bring way too many products. In this blog, you can discuss the beauty essentials your readers will likely use on holiday.

  1. Follow an Influencer’s Beauty Routine For a Day

Influencers are sharing their beauty routines on the internet. You can make a series of videos where you compare and try out the beauty routines of some of the most famous influencers.

  1. X Tips for Winter/Summer Skincare

Most people are unaware they must change their beauty products according to the season. Help your readers adjust their skincare routines to winter or summer.

  1. DIY Face Masques for Clear Skin

Write about your experiences with DIY face masks. All the ingredients are probably in your kitchen. You can experiment to create a unique show.

  1. How to Determine Your Skin Type

When determining your skin type, people often turn to online resources. Help your readers decide whether or not they have combination, oily or dry skin and what products are best for them.

  1. Hairstyles for Bad Hair Days

You can still look great even if your hair is dirty. Write down the hairstyles you like best.

  1. Holy Grail Products

Everybody has a holy grail product they swear by. Share your favorite products with your readers. You can choose between makeup, haircare, and skincare.

  1. Expert Beauty Tips

Beauty experts can be a great source of information. Look for an expert that you admire and see what they suggest. You can interview them to learn more about their opinions.

  1. A Drugstore Skincare Routine that is Effective and Affordable

It would help if you wrote beauty blogs to appeal to a wide range of readers. It is best to write about affordable skincare products that are just as good as expensive ones.

  1. Choose the perfect hairstyle for your face shape.

It can be challenging to choose a hairstyle. Write about the do’s and don’ts of hairstyles for each face shape.

  1. 30 Habits Your skin will thank you for

Our skin bounces back when we are young. Even so, habits we develop in our youth may damage our skin later. Write about the practices that our skin will thank you for dropping before we reach 30.

  1. Get ready/unready with me

Blog posts like “Get ready with me” are very common but are well-loved by readers around the globe. Show your readers how you get ready by using your products.

  1. Try these CBD skin care products.

CBD skincare products have become more popular than ever. Please share your favorite CBD skincare products with your audience to help them choose the best one for their skin type.

  1. Makeup Routine in 10 Minutes

Share your 10-minute makeup routine with your audience if you have mastered it. This type of post will appeal to people on the move who still want to look their best.

  1. South Korean women swear by skin care tips.

South Korean skincare is among the best in all of the world. Write about the beauty habits South Korean women swear to but that your readers may need to learn about.

  1. Makeup looks inspired by movie characters

Try incorporating popular TV shows, movies, and books into your content. You can do this by recreating the movie makeup looks you’ve seen.

  1. What Colors Go With Your Undertone

The undertones of our skin can make a big difference in how a color looks on us. Explain to your audience what undertones mean and why they need to remember them when selecting a shade of lipstick or blush.

  1. Try a Beauty Product For a Month

Reviewing popular products is always a great idea since many people read online reviews before purchasing. Take the time to test the product before recommending it to your audience.

  1. Marketing Your Beauty Product in Unique Ways

Write about marketing strategies you find interesting. Try to identify the commonalities between the marketing strategies of beauty brands.

  1. Zoom Makeup: How to make your face look good on camera

Zoom meetings have become the norm. Show your audience what it takes to feel and look confident on camera.

  1. How to Get Glass Skin?

Glass skin describes a complexion that appears healthy, has no pores, and looks hydrated. Tell your readers how to achieve this popular Korean style.

  1. Pampering Your Skin After A Long Week

Everybody needs to be pampered now and then. Write about tips and tricks to pamper your readers after a hard week.

  1. The Biggest Skincare Mistakes That Cause Acne

Acne affects many teenagers and adults. Write about the common skincare mistakes that cause acne.

  1. Avoid hyped-up Makeup Products.

You must not understand the hype surrounding some popular makeup products. Write about the products you dislike and suggest more affordable alternatives.

  1. Beauty Gifts for Christmas

Everybody knows at least one person who loves skincare, makeup, and hair care. List products that would make an excellent addition to any gift. Bonus topic: beauty stocking fillers under $10.

  1. What Causes Blackheads? And What Can You Do About It

Blackheads are a persistent and annoying problem. Write about the causes of this skin problem and how to prevent it in the future.


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