“Big Guns” skin care products

Our Beauty Collective Head Office, located just a few miles away from Sydney’s beautiful Manly Beach, is bursting with high-tech pharmaceutical products, ranging from medically-based skincare solutions to advanced cellulite treatments. You may not know that we’re not only a retailer but also one of Australia’s leading spa and salon suppliers. We are also educators and consultants in the beauty industry. What do we use to care for our skin? And why are certain products so popular with our clients and us? Our “big guns” for fighting skin aging are revealed…

Medicalia L Retinol Smoothing Creme

This fast-acting cream, formulated with Micro-Retinol (r), is so much more effective than regular retinol and gives you amazing visible results. It softens wrinkles, makes pores virtually invisible, and fades hyperpigmentation. It uses biomimetic technology, which means that the formula is almost identical to oils and moisture produced on your skin. It is not a product that should be used all year as it can cause irritation and has an exfoliating effect. However, this cream is perfect for Winter. Use a small amount each night or alternate nights if it is too stimulating. Enjoy smoother skin months later. 

Phytomer Pioneer XMF Cream

This cream is truly unique! It is Phytomer’s best seller and has won many international awards. Professionals often hail it as a professional version of Creme de La Mer. It creates a biofilm on the skin’s surface for a smoothing effect. Within the skin, it binds with the fibers of the dermis and densifies them. Imagine that your face is a pillow, and this cream is extra stuffing. The cream has a light, silky texture that is neither too heavy nor too light. It also has a heavenly, soft scent.

Celluli attack

This is the best cellulite treatment on the market. This formula is eight times more powerful than most cellulite products that use Green Coffee Extract. How is that for technology? Pepper Slimactiv comes in a vectorized capsule that propels ingredients at high speeds to fat cells. This prevents any ingredient loss on the way. It is also combined with signal peptides that allow it to target exclusively adipocytes with greater power. Take That Cellulite! You only need to smooth the product over cellulite; there is no need to massage it. Within a month, you will see results. Phytomer has been the undisputed leader in cellulite treatments in Europe since 1994.

View Collection Chrono Eyes

Beauty Collective believes that products should have multiple functions. When we use eye cream, it should not only help to prevent skin aging but also reduce dark circles and treat unwanted eye puffiness. We switched to this product when it was released, and we had no loyalty to the eye products that we previously loved. Can you blame us with a botox-like peptide that inhibits muscle action, low- and high-molecule hyaluronic, which acts as a filler, and Vitamin C, B3 Phytosterols, to stimulate circulation and deal with puffiness or dark circles? We are confident that we do not have any bias since this is the best-selling product in the Vie Collection here in Australia.

Medical Sunscreen SPF30

The Medical Sunscreen is our best-selling skin care product. We should ALL be using broad-spectrum sunblock (which protects against UVA and UVB radiation). The only reason why some people don’t wear sunblock, despite how important it really is, is that they cannot stand the texture or the smell. This is a light moisturizer that smells amazing. It will not make your eyes water or cause itching. And it is packed with anti-aging goodies. It comes in a generous bottle of 150ml! It’s very slightly tinted, but the majority of it disappears after it is absorbed. Your skin will look smoother and calmer. What’s not love about this product?

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