Jess and Stef are two sisters based in Aus who work as designers, creative directors, social media consultants and are now two kick a$$ entrepreneurs.They started their blog, How To Live back in 2012, and naturally didn’t know much about about the wild ride they were about to embark on. Today though, How To Live is a fun girl gang platform that anybody can join.

If you follow them on Instagram you’ll know the girls aren’t ones to shy away from quirky fashion too; and are clearly into the bold, fun and crazy colourful styling that not many people can pull off. Plus today? They’ve started releasing there own stuff via their new label TWOOBS!


Also in case you were sitting there wondering if they’re twins – they’re not.

Anyway, whether you’re a budding fashion blogger, stylist or budding entrepreneur we sat down with the girls this month to chat about their social media journey, how they got into designing and what fashion really means to them.

Enjoy! xo

Tell us about How To Live. What is your brand all about?

We started How Two Live as a daily diary to each other back in 2012 when Stef was moving to Paris for six months. Since then it’s developed into a colourful, sparkly, happy and empowering brand that’s opened up so many amazing door for us in the fashion industry. Our brand is all about having fun with your friends and being yourself – we like to think of it as the least exclusive girl gang out there that anyone can join.

What were the early days of fashion blogging like? has it changed much from when you began to now?

The biggest change we’ve seen is probably this crazy Instagram revolution. When we first started our blog we didn’t even have an Insta account, we were mainly focused on our website, with a bit of Twitter and Facebook on the side. It wasn’t until about 4 months into our blog that we got Instagram which was really what helped grow us to what we are today, and what we now focus a lot of our time on.

Describe your style. Do you both have similar taste or are their differences?

In terms of style we are all about anything goes. You’ll never here us say “Can I really pull this off” or “Is this outfit too much”. Our style is pretty much the exact same – we often style outfits the same way and buy similar things without knowing.

How do you choose what you’re going to wear and blog every day?

We’re constantly on the move and get a lot of style inspiration from our travels. We love buying from local designers and vintage stores from the cities we’re visiting and then we’ll base our posts around that.

Ok so now can you tell us a little about TWOOBS. Was designing your own line always on the cards when you launched your blog or did it happen organically? 

Launching a line of shoes happened pretty organically for us. We’ve always LOVED shoes, and designing cool/colourful products was always our end game, but we were never really sure what that would look like. We were approached by Windsor Smith to design a line of shoes for them and this was really what really got us hooked.

Who is the TWOOBS girl?

We designed TWOOBS with our HTL followers in mind, but it obviously spreads far beyond that. She loves fashion and pretty things, but also doesn’t have time for blisters and doesn’t want to compromise on comfort to look good.

Do you have any other non-footwear items you’d like to add to the collection in the future?

It might be on the cards a little later, but at the moment we’re really excited about shoes and are in the midst of developing our next collection for Australian summer which is going to be absolutely insane… if we do say so ourselves.

When you get a little downtime what do you like to do? 

An ideal Sunday would be hanging out with our dogs at the beach, eating delicious ice cream, and not taking an Instagram of it – so naughty!


What’s your best piece of advice to bloggers to ensure they maintain an engaged following?

If you’re in a bit of a content slump, turn to your followers for advice. We’ll often use our followers as a sounding board, tell them our ideas and ask what they want to see from us. It’s a great way to get out of your slump, but it also helps build a stronger connection with your followers and makes them feel more apart of what you’re creating.

Is Instagram still your favourite social media tool? What other platforms are you loving at the moment? 

Insta Stories Snapchat are probably our two faves. They’re also just our favourites to use as consumers as they’re so much more genuine and off the cuff that you really get to see personalities shine, rather than all the editing and retaking that goes into Instagram nowadays. 

If you weren’t doing what you are doing now where do you think you would be?

Lying in a pile full of golden retriever puppies listening to Miley’s new album.

What’s your favourite style advice?

Style is a mind-set, as long as you feel comfortable and confident in what you’re rocking, you look fantastic and no one can take that away from you.

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