Celebrity Makeup Artists reveal their best beauty hacks

Beauty Collective is always full of great tips on skincare and makeup, but we also love to learn (and follow) beauty hacks from the most famous makeup artists in the world. Want to know what our 9 top favorites are? Use as you wish!

For flawless coverage of the foundation

Oh, the BeautyBlender is here! You’ll find BeautyBlender in almost every makeup artist’s kit. The shape of this revolutionary makeup sponge allows you to reach all contours on your face. The sponge is designed to be dampened, which allows for flawless application and ensures that makeup does not look heavy. Liane Scor, Creator ELES cosmetics

How to apply concealer under the eyelids

Before applying concealer, warm it up on your hands. Sir John says he swipes under-eye concealer on the back of his hand before using it. Sir John says that this thins the consistency so it looks lived-in and more like a skin second. Sir John is Beyonce’s Celebrity Makeup artist.

How to achieve a natural glow

Dip your makeup brush in a small amount of water before applying Highlighter to your face. The creamy, smooth formula glides over the skin as if it were a liquid highlight. It sets like powder and captures light beautifully. Charlotte Tilbury – Celebrity Makeup Artist

We know this because we have tried it!

Natural looking eyebrows

Instead of brushing up and away from your eyebrows before you begin filling them in with a pencil, brush them downward. Filling in your eyebrows will allow you to see your brows at their maximum shape and highest point. You’ll avoid that overdrawn, penciled-in look if you do it this way. Kate Lee is a celebrity makeup artist.

Achieving longer-lasting mascara

If your mascara has dried out but has not expired, you can add some eye or saline droplets to the tube. It will be ready for use again. Rae Morris is a world-renowned makeup artist and author.

No more smudged mascara under the eyelids

Use a plain sponge with primer to remove mascara and shadow smudges under the eyes. This will remove the concealer and leave the shadow.” Monika Bluder, Celebrity Makeup artist

The perfect lip application each time

Apply a lip balm while you do the rest of your makeup, then wipe it off when you’re ready to apply lipstick. You should also avoid using foundation on your lips prior to applying lipstick. This will result in an ugly white crust. Rae Morris is a world-renowned makeup artist and author.

For lips that stand out

Kirin Bhatty is a celebrity makeup artist. She says: “When I apply a bright lipstick, I use a loose brush to buff some concealer around the lips. This helps the lip color stand out and prevents it from feathering.”

To set and settle your makeup

Finish with a mist to keep your skin from looking like makeup and more like skin. It helps to settle the makeup and makes your skin appear less makeupy. Afton William, Film Makeup artist

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