Curate Ear Piercing

What is a Curated ear?

A Curated Ear combines several pieces of jewellery pierced at different points on the ear. This creates a unique look. Curating an ear is like curating a perfect outfit. Each component works together to create a unique combination. Maria has been designing jewellery for over 20 years that fits the shape of an ear. Our earrings can be adapted to fit your piercings, allowing you to wear them continuously and with comfort.

Start Your Curation

You have two options to start your Curated Ear(r). You can either use a piercing as a guide or choose a piece of jewellery you love and start creating from there. Our stylists can help you choose jewellery that fits your new piercing if you bring a piercing. You can find an earring you love that you cannot live without. The best place to put it is determined by the shape of your ears and the relationship it has to your other styles. You should consider your style preferences when creating your Curated Ear(r).

Style and Balance

It is possible to create unique curation by being imaginative and creative. There are many ways to do this. It is important to balance three factors: your skin tone, personal aesthetic and the style and weight of the pieces placed next to one another. Select the metals that best complement your skin tone. To help you choose the right metal, hold white, yellow, or rose gold up to your face. Be intentional about your styling. There are many ways to play with themes, patterns, and symmetry. There are many options. It would be best to consider how different jewellery can highlight or hide parts of your ears. Trust your instincts and be true to your style. Have fun!

Your Curated Ear Evolution

We recommend you make an appointment with a stylist when planning your Curated Ear. She will help you to understand your anatomy and determine which pieces would be best suited. Keep in mind that curating your ears is a process. It takes several sessions. To ensure each piercing heals correctly, we can perform four at a time. Too many piercings can cause damage to the skin and slow the healing process. For a better result, take your time when piercings.

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