Dermatologists Share Their Advice for Great Skin

We at Beauty Collective HQ are constantly bombarded with questions from customers. While we have a wealth of information, tips, and rituals to share, we also seek the advice of our dermatologists and suppliers. Read on to learn the tips and tricks these professionals use for their skincare.

Take advantage of any downtime for a skincare treatment

I keep a small bag of extra beauty products in my car. “When I’m stuck in traffic (at red lights, of course), i apply serum, an eyebrow gel, teeth whitening strip, and more!” Francesca Fusco is a dermatologist.

While we do not recommend doing facials in the car, it is possible to perform them. Indeed, the presence of the right products (think next to the sink or bed) can encourage people to use products they may otherwise forget, such as an anti-aging hand cream and beautiful eye and lip balm. We recommend Oleocreme Ultra Nourishing Hand Creme to get your daily dose of marine oils.

Use a facial massage for wrinkle reduction.

“Many people, including myself, frown and scrunch up their faces at bedtime. This leads to frown lines and crow’s feet. For a few minutes before bed, I use facial acupressure to relax my face. “Press above your inner eyebrows and temples. Next to your nose, press for 10 seconds.” Jessica Wu, dermatologist.

We all agree that nothing is better than a relaxing massage to smooth out wrinkles, and we’re addicted to the Rosee Soin by Phytomer. This dry oil is heavenly and rejuvenates the skin. It calms the senses and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated. You can smooth any stress lines by massaging a few drops onto cleansed skin in the evening (while watching your favorite TV show).

Hydrate skin from inside and outside.

The amount of water that you drink each day does not translate to proper skin hydration. Dermatologist Dendy Engelman says that it’s important to hydrate the skin from the outside by using serums, creams, and hydrating sprays.

This is especially true in the Winter when artificial heating systems and a more sedentary lifestyle can cause our skin to become dehydrated and thirsty. Our favorite for deep hydration is the Wrinkle Dimension Concentrate Hyaluronic acid. This concentrate attracts and bonds water to your skin, keeping it soft and supple. The perfect skin drink.

Avoid showers with hot water that are drying.

“I don’t wash my face in hot water, it is too harsh.” “Only tepid or warm water in the sink.” – Elizabeth Tanzi, clinical dermatology professor.

It is better to gently cleanse your skin with warm water (not hot), as this will not only maintain the pH of your skin but also help prevent moisture loss. We all use the Transformation Cleansing oil to remove our makeup and grime from the day at night. It removes makeup and impurities, which can be removed with water. The skin is left soft and balanced.

First, apply sunscreen to your hands, neck, chest and hands

Apply sunscreen to your neck, chest, and hands first. These areas age more quickly and are more difficult to improve than your face. “We often forget to use sunscreen on the neck, chest and hands even though these areas are exposed just as much as our faces.” -Doris Day.

This is a statement we can all agree on! When it comes to skincare, sunscreen is the best friend. The Medicalia – Sunscreen 30 is our favorite. The sunscreen is lightweight, reliable, and comes with a generous 150ml bottle.

Never rub your eyes.

If you rub your eyelids like you’re scrubbing pots, you will get black eyes! If you want to remove eye makeup, wipe it off gently as though you were wiping an egg. -Jeanine Dowie, dermatologist

We agree! A good eye makeup remover will take care of the job for you. Micellar Water Eye Makeup Remover Solution is our go-to. This solution is strong enough to remove even waterproof makeup but gentle enough to be used on the most sensitive of eyes.

Your lips can guide you in your skincare routine.

” A tip on how to tell when your skin needs a lot of moisture: When you feel the lips getting dry, it means that humidity levels have dropped and now is the time for a richer moisturizer.“. -Ellen Marmur.

We take care of our lips with Youth Contour Reviving Eye and Lip Wrinkle Correction Creme. This multi-tasker not only protects our lips but also the delicate contours of our eyes.

Check out the menu to find skin-saving fatty acids.

Your diet can have a big impact on your complexion. Avoid refined carbohydrates such as white bread and rice, and opt instead for foods rich in omega-3’s and fatty acids like salmon and avocados to give you a youthful glow.”

Fatty acids are also an excellent addition to topical skincare. Hydracontinue Radiance Energy Cream is rich in Buckthorn pulp extract, which contains Omega-7. This rare and essential fatty acid stimulates cell metabolism and improves cell vitality.

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