Enjoy these festive Ayurvedic makeup tips that will help you transition day to night

The festive season is a time for family dinners, weddings, and attending many events. You may need more time to stop by home and change your makeup and look. When your work schedule overtakes your party plans, you’ll need essentials to help you transform your festive makeup from day to evening.

Night looks are all about bolder colors. While day looks tend to be more subtle, with everything from the clothes you wear to the shades you apply to your face ranging from light pinks to nudes, night looks focus on making a statement. Most events are held in the evening, so there’s a feeling of grandeur about the setting and the clothes. The night makeup look is more about choosing deeper shades, like reds and oranges for the lips, and playing with the eye colors.

For such grand settings, makeup should be applied to highlight the features of your face and add color. It does not mean that you should have a cake face, but a few simple steps can help you to stand out.

Always carry Qtips with you to remove makeup mistakes: Qtips are always handy. Qtips are more than just a cotton ball to clean your ears. They can also be used to fix many errors in makeup. When your eyeliner is uneven, your lipstick bleeds and spreads onto your teeth, or you need to fix clumpy lashes, Qtips are the perfect solution. You can use a cotton swab to moisturize and clean up the mistake without redoing your makeup.

Face Mist for a quick refresh: A toning spray is an excellent idea to keep on hand when busy. A toning spray helps control excess oil production, instantly hydrates the skin, and has a soothing effect. SoulTree’s Fragrant Jasmine Toning Mist is formulated with pure Jasmine grown in the Himalayas. It prevents acne with regular use. Its detoxifying qualities help unclog facial pores, tighten them, and keep the skin even-toned and supple.

Start with a good base: The best way to switch from a day-to-night look is to start with a good base. It will last all day and is the fastest and easiest transition. Before applying your floor, make sure to hydrate and moisturize your face. This will keep it soft and stop it from drying over time. A light, Ayurvedic, herb-infused BB cream from SoulTree will blend seamlessly into your skin, giving you the “no makeup” look. The nourishing ingredients boost glow, and the barrier properties of the elements protect against environmental pollutants. Frequent use also reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars. This Ayurvedic BB Cream is ideal for daily use. It repairs skin damage and evens out the tone.

Add some shimmer: For a subtle glam look, add a shimmer to your night looks. Add a slight shimmer to your face as a highlighter on your eyelids. Also, add some on your nose tip, your cheeks’ high points, your cupid bow, and the middle of the forehead. Even though daytime makeup is meant to be light and refreshing, you can still experiment with it at night.

Enhance your eyes: Enhancing your eye makeup is the easiest way to transform your daytime makeup into nighttime makeup. You can experiment with bright colors to make your eyes stand out and add a slight shimmer. You can use the lightest eyeshadow to transition from daytime to evening. You can create subtle smokey eyeshadows or a layered effect with your fingers for the evening look. For the evening look, experiment with colors and create classic eye options, like smokey or winged ones, using shimmer colors. Line your eyes with black Kajal for a bold and defined look.

Choose from SoulTree Ayurvedic Ghee Kajals for a smooth transition from day to night. The organic Kajals are made using a traditional Ayurvedic formula using a 3000-year-old process. They soothe, calm and cleanse the eye. The Kajal has a creamy texture and a subtle shimmer, making it ideal for eyeliner or eyeshadow. You can use the Kajal to line your waterline, smudge it along your lashline or even smudge with your fingers on your lids for a smokey effect. Apply two coats of Ayurvedic mascara from SoulTree to complete your eye makeup. This product nourishes lashes and encourages their growth.

Enhance the Lip Colour: Lipsticks can enhance any look, whether daytime or night. Start by applying a neutral lipstick shade during the day, then layer on bolder shades like orange, maroon, and red. The Qtip lets you change your lip color to match the outfit. You will also get a clean and neat finish. With smokey eyes, a bold Lipper will balance out the subtlety of your eyes. For a subtler look, choose softer shades. SoulTree’s rich, creamy Ayurvedic Lipsticks are enriched by Organic Ghee to keep your lips soft and smooth throughout the day. The lipsticks are a natural barrier that protects your lips from environmental aggressors while nourishing and beautifying them.

Ayurvedic lip gloss is a lightweight product that moisturizes and nourishes your lips. It also heals them with each use. The gloss top coat further enhances the look and adds shine and softness to the lips.

Pack a body mist that is fragrant or a perfume. An aromatic body spray or perfume will help you transition smoothly from day to evening. Spray your favorite fragrance on your pulse points; you will feel as fresh as a rose.

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