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Running a Beauty Blog, or simply a blog, is a task that involves passion, hard work, and dedication. As a beauty blogger since June 2016, I have received many messages asking, “ How to Start a Blog or Grow your Blog? “.


It’s true; I am ecstatic when I get such messages. They tell me that my blog has inspired someone to start blogging. It’s a combination of passion, hard work, and dedication. It’s like watering a plant.

How to start a blog – grow, and monetize your beauty blog

  1. Create a free blog.

To start a blog, the first step is to create a blog for free on platforms like Blogger (Blogspot) and

Blogger is my favorite platform to create a blog. I love how easy it is to use. has a lot of widgets that I need clarification on. It’s more focused on creating a professional site, whereas Blogger is more about blogging.

I switched to, self-hosted from Blogger, to discover more features. InMotion hosting was my choice for hosting. It’s fast, affordable, secure, and has 24*7 customer support. It’s a little tricky to use initially, but I think it will be worth it. My experience will be updated on the blog you are currently reading.

The two are entirely different. Click here for more information.

The best decision I made was to move my blog over to My traffic increased, and it turned out to be a good decision. Here, I have shared my thoughts and views on How Migrating From Blogger to WordPress Increased Adsense Revenue By 163%.

As I began to experience issues with InMotion hosting, I migrated my website to LYRICAL HOSTClick here for my entire experience with InMotion hosting and why I am moving over to Lyrical Host.

Talking about a free blog means it will allow you to have your blog where you can write what you love but with a free domain, i.e., your Blog URL.

A free domain is marked with or such as, or This will be your Blog URL, Blog Link, or Blog Address. People will be able to read your blog by visiting this URL. You can share your blog with your friends and followers via the Blog Link just like you share the link to your social media profiles.

  1. Give your blog a name.

Think of this as your brand name for your blog, just like mine: Pink Velvet.

This name will help your readers remember you. A blog’s name is like an identity for your blog. Your blog’s elements will revolve around its name, including the logo, link, and header. It is essential to choose a unique and catchy title for your blog.

It can be a name that expresses what your blog is all about. It can also be unique and fancy and can include your name. Or, it can be anything else that makes your heart and mind say “Yes!” It’s like naming a baby. You put your heart and soul into it.

Everyone with its name will remember your blog. Invest your time in creating the best blog you can.

  1. Write what you love to start creating content.

Niharika poses with lipstick to show that Beauty, Skincare, and Makeup are what I am passionate about and what My Blog focuses on. This lipstick is Hestia by SUGAR Cosmetics.

Your blog’s main component is this. Blogs are online magazines or diaries where people read and write. Every blog is complete with content.

Write what you love. That’s the secret to all the successful bloggers that you know. It allows them to produce more work without being burdened or under pressure.

Beauty blogging is my passion. I enjoy sharing my experience with new products, and I love to try out new cosmetics. Since I enjoy reviewing and discussing skincare and makeup products and love to do so, I do this from my heart.

It’s essential to be honest when reviewing beauty products on your blog. You should test them thoroughly, look at all the aspects, and ensure you are thorough. The reviews on my blog and other websites, such as Our Good Living Formula, are unbiased and honest to serve readers best.

If someone asks me to review a book on your blog and read it, I will not be able to do it. Why? Why? I would only be interested in something other than this because I do not read books. If someone asks me to review new skincare, makeup, or cafe products, I’ll do it because I enjoy trying new cosmetics.

You can trust them because they’re all passionate about it. Passion for the niche has given them knowledge about it. They love to learn about a product and share it with their audience.

It is optional to set a specific niche or limit the content you create for you to start blogging.

You can create a recipe website if you enjoy cooking and want to share your passion. You can create a Travel Blog if you enjoy traveling and want to share your experiences. Fashion Blog. Love sharing your life experience – personal/lifestyle blog. You can do it.


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