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The reason I mentioned Best WordPress Hosting for Beauty and Lifestyle Blogs is that to be honest, not everyone in the blogging field is a tech expert, and when you are blogging in a niche different from tech, it becomes quite a job to pick the best options and to make the right decisions.


You are already spending money on this before beginning your blogging journey. When I switched from blogger to WordPress, I spent days and nights searching the internet for the best hosting provider. And, by GOD, every single article looked the same. All of them were geared towards the famous 4-5 hosts, such as Siteground and Hostgator. However, only some pieces provided a detailed review.

You may ask why I didn’t choose any of them. Either they were too expensive, they offered less value, or I simply didn’t want to. Your gut instinct is what you should follow. Many people have shared their bad experiences in Facebook groups with customer service, pricing or other issues.

The Backstory of A Little Story

You may have noticed that if you read my previous articles about blogging, you will know that I began with InMotion Hosting because I was attracted to the site when I saw it in a Facebook Group.

Everything about their packages, chat support, and offerings seemed perfect. I felt like it was the right choice. InMotion hosting is the way to go. I don’t lie; my first year with InMotion Hosting was pretty good. But…

Renewal prices are now available! What else could I do? The day after I renewed hosting at higher renewal fees, something started to go wrong.

InMotion hosting review

I can’t believe these higher renewal fees and, on top of it, to save money, you have to choose long-term plans. Seriously? The thought of it was enough to make me angry, but I didn’t know that there was something better.

My mental health was affected when I saw my website suffer in terms of performance, speed, and traffic. The customer service started to decline, and I was about to explode into anger or tears because I could not get through to anyone. This can affect your health. My health started to suffer when I spent sleepless nights worrying about who to contact and what to say.

I was done. It was time to move on from InMotion. It was the only option.

This angel saved my life by recommending LYRICAL HOSTE under my Facebook Group post.

Best WordPress hosting in India – LYRICAL HOST

There is no other hosting company like Lyrical. Since I switched to them, blogging has been so much easier. When I looked at the website and packages they offered, I cried a bit because my blogging situation was in a crisis. I wanted to leave, and Lyrical was not just another option. Lyrical offers so much more than hosting.


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You enter a website, but you don’t feel it? Look at the graphics, design, everything. It’s not some boring hosting company.

I was sold as soon as I saw the package, pricing, and everything else, but it was the fact that I went for it without hesitation.

  • Charges for Same-Day Renewal
  • No need to buy long-term plans
  • Full WordPress + blog Support ( are you listening?
  • It would help if you had enough SSD and bandwidth.

The best part is the customer service. It doesn’t matter if I keep talking about them; I won’t stop being grateful. I feel warm and comfortable with how they treat us, their clients, and our real problems.

What if you need to learn how to use all the technology your website requires? What if all you want to do is share your travel stories and recipes? Counting the times I needed WordPress help and had no one is hard.

Since then, my website has been in good hands. My technical problems were resolved, my website performed better, and traffic and speed increased. Most importantly, I no longer had to worry about the small things that used to bother me. My mental health improved!

I don’t believe it’s my fault I have a website, but I don’t want the technical issues to get in the way. This is how I felt when I migrated to Lyrical Host.

I haven’t noticed any server or performance issues. My website has continued working suddenly.

My problems with cache plugins and performance-related settings are over. The cache and optimization built into their software solved all of my concerns. I can remember how annoying it was when my website had such a slow speed. I’ve spent many nights worrying about what would happen if my site didn’t work. Does it load slowly or work fine?

Lyrical has solved all my problems. My website is in good hands, and I feel at ease that my WordPress hosting provider controls everything.

Lyrical Support is always available to help me whenever I need WordPress support. They have always succeeded in doing so. They have always helped me, whether it was a theme bug, a coding issue, or a layout problem.

Where can I find a developer? My previous WordPress hosting provider used to tell me, “you need get in contact with your developer”. You installed WordPress on my hosting, and now you’re asking me to contact my developer. Come on!

The Lyrical family is not only about the performances and Support but also how they make you feel. I’m now a member of their Facebook group. They make me feel heard and genuine by the way they respond. It’s…. to describe how they treat us as humans and make us feel valued.

When I hear someone complain about Bluehost’s customer service or Siteground’s pricing, I recommend Lyrical Hosting.

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