How teens should dress and act at weddings

Your teen just received his first invitation to a wedding. Fears that your teen will make a social faux pas could be a reason for you to be embarrassed. You can make sure your teen is a gracious guest and a welcomed addition to the party with planning.

Attire for Females

Teens should dress in line with the occasion and time, just like older wedding guests. If the ceremony is formal, a cocktail or an afternoon dress should be worn by female teens. A cocktail dress or long evening gown is appropriate for a female bride. Semi-formal weddings require that the bride wear a formal afternoon or evening dress. A skirt and blouse are sufficient for an informal daytime wedding. Teens should not wear provocative or skimpy clothes to any event. To avoid offending the bride, they should not wear white.

Male Attire

Male teens should wear a tuxedo if the formal invitation says that the event will be a “black tie”. If “black tie” is not stated on the invitation and it’s an afternoon wedding, your male teenager should wear a dark suit with a conservative shirt and neutral tie. Semi-formal events can use the same attire. A blazer, slacks, and tie are appropriate for a semi-formal wedding. Male teens shouldn’t wear jeans to a wedding unless told otherwise.

Ceremony Etiquette

If your teen drives, you can drive him to the ceremony or tell him when to leave. Your teen must turn off all electronic devices during the ceremony. Teens won’t want to be a distraction while their phones ring or vibrate as the couple declares their love and commitment in front of their guests. If he doesn’t know the wedding traditions, ask him to follow the example of others or be quiet.

Interacting With Others

Don’t let your teenager become a sad, withdrawn teenager who prefers to hang out with friends rather than attend a wedding. Instead, encourage your teen to greet the couple and engage with other wedding guests. Your teen should give the newly married couple a hug or handshake when coming down the receiving line. Also, congratulate them on their marriage. Teens should love to take pictures and dance. Your teen should be happy to pose for pictures and dance at a wedding, even if it isn’t your scene. The married couple wants their guests to be happy.

From Start to Finish, be a good person.

Make sure your teen follows all the etiquette rules before going to the wedding. For example, reply with an RSVP, and don’t ask friends or dates who weren’t invited.

The New Rules of Wedding Etiquette

Your teen should choose a gift that fits her budget from the registry. Make sure that your teen doesn’t consume alcohol at the reception. Tell your teen that she must stay until the reception is over or almost over. She should say her farewells to the groom and bride and wish them all happiness.

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