How to Find Your Style in 2022

You are done searching.

Everybody says style can be subjective. This is true! Today’s subject will help you find your style or guide you in the right direction. You may feel that now is the best time to change your style as we enter the new year. Perhaps you want to reduce your wardrobe and eliminate the clothes that are no longer needed. This post has just what you are looking for!

Today, I will help you find your style. Style can feel like the longest car ride. Sometimes it starts in your early years, but sometimes it ends after a difficult time when you realize that it’s time for a change. How do you go from fashion icon to styling icon? Here are 5 tips to get you on the right track.

Take a look at your Closet and see what you’re working with

Start with what you have! Sort through your Closet and identify the things you like and those you don’t. Please keep track of what you like and what they have in common when sorting.

  • Do you have a favourite colour?
  • Are you more fond of your Hoodies than your Crewnecks?
  • Why did you choose hoodies?
  • Hoodies are what makes you feel confident and most comfortable.

These things you should keep in mind to help you decide your style. Perhaps athleisurewear is more appealing to you than you think. Maybe Streetwear is what you are interested in more. Maybe you don’t like Hoodies anymore, and you want to update your style. It’s a great way to start by going through your Closet.

TIP – When sorting, consider the brands that you also have! You may wear many Tommy Hilfiger because you feel most comfortable and the fit is perfect for you. Perhaps you feel the best in your Nike tracksuit. This will help you choose the right brand for you.

Find out what looks best on your body type.

After you have sorted through your Closet and looked at the items you like or noticed a pattern you love, you can find what you like best. Find what compliments you. You feel best when you are confident. You might prefer a fitted look if you are taller, have wider shoulders and have thicker quads. However, some shirts may be too tight around your shoulders. You might also want skinny jeans. However, they may feel more uncomfortable with larger quads or rip faster. It is important to find your style by determining what flatters your body and makes you feel confident.

REMINDER Clothes are for everyone. This is not meant to be a shameful statement but to show that everyone has different bodies. When dressing up, feel confident, comfortable and at your best. It can make a big difference in your style. This is especially important if you are used to wearing clothes that don’t compliment your body.

Begin by buying the Essentials/Naturals/Basics

Once you have figured out your preferences, what suits you best, and what you are drawn towards,

It’s time for you to shop and try on. Start shopping for your style and start by buying Basics Wardrobe Staples. You can find fashion Staples that everyone should have. They are versatile and look great with many different styles. Basic can be anything: Jeans, a plain Hoodie or a white and black tee. A flannel or turtleneck is also available. These basic items are Staples essentials that you should own! If you want to experiment with your style or branch out, it is better to make small changes than big, colourful ones.

TIP: Avoid following trends until you have enough Staples or until there is a trend due to a Staples.

Example – CARGOS were big in recent years, but very few people wore them/brands had them.

CARGOS have become a favourite because you can style them with many different pieces. A basic that you can style with other pieces, or purchase later, is a great idea.

This is a huge win and makes you more stylish.

Find Inspiration Sources

Although this one is obvious, Style Inspo can help you find your style or decide what style you want. You might be drawn to Streetwear if you have never been into fashion but find yourself loving comfortable fashion trends. You can find inspiration online by looking at different streetwear wearers. However, Instagram is the best online resource for Fit Inspo, many other sites such as Pinterest, Tumblr, and even TikTok. TikTok is visually amazing for style inspiration and even provides tips on combining different outfits/pieces. Magazines and Shows are also great resources. Movies are another option. You can find inspiration in old 90’s movies and tv shows if you are into Streetwear.

TIP – Looking for inspiration on how to dress? Take a stroll around your city. You can also use location/environment inspiration to get some inspiration. Different cities and locations will wear different clothes, but it will allow you to see what’s popular in your area or give you an idea of what’s not.

You can also!

You Need A Style Icon To Refer To For STYLE INSPO

This one may SEEM, but it is also a great way to discover other brands or dupes that you can get your hands on. Let’s assume you are more of an athletic build and like Odell Beckham JR. His style is amazing. You can see how he combines outfits or what he wears to get ideas for pairing clothes you already own. You can follow Tyler The Creator to see his style and what he does with different outfits. You’ll be inspired by their updates and can even get some inspiration from them.

TIP – Follow inspiration accounts with many photos and your style icon. This is a great way for you to see what other people are wearing and what’s trending (if that’s your thing) and get inspiration.

There you have it! These are my five quick tips for finding your style this year. These are not all easy fixes or requirements, but they will help you discover your style and dress to feel confident. It’s true, that’s what it’s all for! Feeling your best!

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