Bold and bold eyebrow slits can change up your look. This eyebrow style was popularized in the 1980s and 1990s hip-hop scene. However, it has seen a revival in 2020. Both men and women can wear this look. All you need is confidence and a positive attitude.

Eyebrow Slit Meaning

Eyebrow slits can be described as a way to express yourself or style your eyebrows. This look is a classic in hip-hop culture. MC Big Daddy Kane was one of the first to wear it back in the 80s. The look was once associated with gang membership or gang affiliation, but it is no longer common to wear.

Eyebrow slits for men

Slit Single Eyebrow

One eyebrow slit is a simple way to try this trend. Jason Momoa is the most well-known face to rock a slit eyebrow. However, his scar is from being beaten with a pint. The look was popularized because of his manliness, fame, and good vibes. You can do it yourself with only 140 stitches.

Double Eyebrow Slit

Two eyebrow slits will double your style. This bolder look shows off your personality. Keep in mind that they should be the same size and equally spaced to appear intentional.

Haircut + Eyebrow Slit

Combining your eyebrow slit with a continuous cut in your hair will take it to the next level. This style looks great on short hairstyles such as a fade or crew. You can also combine it with a continuing cut to your hair. You can also visit your barber for a professional cut so that it doesn’t appear like you were in dispute with the razor.

Haircut Joining + Double Slit

Another great option is a double-slit that continues into your hair. A professional and steady hand will ensure the best results. Talk to your barber. This is a different way to cut your eyebrows, and it’s great for guys who have a more masculine style. Pair it with a well-maintained beard and skin fading for a truly badass look. To showcase your personality, wear earrings.

Cross Eyebrow Slit

You don’t need to limit your line style to the hair on your head. It can also be used to define your eyebrows. Even though there is less space, it’s possible to be creative with eyebrow slits. This cross pattern is a great example. You can add some sparkle with a simple stick-on jewel. This style is perfect for men who don’t mind trying new styles and being different.

For women, eyebrow slits.

Slit Single Eyebrow

For ladies, a single eyebrow can be elegant and fashionable. This draws attention to your eyes and enhances your eyeshadow skills. It’s also a great way to highlight the curvature and shape of your eyebrows.

Double Eyebrow Slit

Double the fun by sporting a double brow slit. This adds dimension to your appearance and enhances your eyebrow arch.

Four Eyebrow Slits

The four-way eyebrow slit will give you a bold and brave look. To highlight the contrast, this works well with darker brows. You will need to fill in your brows and make sure they have sharp edges. This is a great way for women to stand out and draw attention to their beautiful faces.

Front Eyebrow Slit

Turn your slit so that it is at the front of your brow. Although most eyebrow cuts are made at the back, you can wear your slit at the front if you have a consistent and even growth pattern. This is a great way to give your face a unique twist and bring attention to the center.

Slit Fishtail Eyebrows

A fishtail eyebrow slit is a great option for those with strong brows and a good grasp of the brow pencil. This style is bold and bold, taking your brows to the next level. A single eyebrow cut creates this style. Then, work with the angles to make an upward flick at your front section.

How to make an Eyebrow Slit.

There are several ways to slit your eyebrows at home or in the salon. Tape can be used to help you determine where the slit should go. Use sharp scissors to draw a line through the brow. Trim until there is enough space. A facial razor or trimmer will give you a more defined look. Use tape as a guide, and hold a steady hand to draw a line through your hair. You can always start with a smaller amount, but you cannot put it back. You can then add definition to your eyebrows by filling them in. Concealer, which is a temporary option, can also be used to give the illusion of a slit eyebrow in photos.

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