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Are you considering starting an online fashion blog but do not know where to start? It’s easy to begin your own blog however, the tough part is to make it successful and earn money from it. In this post we will teach you how to begin an online fashion blog as give you strategies for making money from your blog.

Why You Should Start a Fashion

If you’re a lover of fashion and fashion, then you need to have seen the top fashion influencers and bloggers on Instagram.

Fashion blogs do not just offer a platform for bloggers, but also provide a variety of opportunities. You’ll be amazed to find out the various ways fashion bloggers earn money through their blogs.


Top 10 Fashion Blog Examples That Are Crushing it in 2018

Along with the money, a blog about fashion lets you show your personality in the most imaginative way. Here are a few most popular fashion blogs you can look up to for inspiration.


One thing you’ll notice about all of these top fashion blog examples, is that they each have their own distinctive voice, style and style. Fashion bloggers provide their unique perspectives to showcase their top items, products and brands.

If you think you have your own unique perspective on fashion and style then you must definitely begin an online fashion blog.

While establishing the fashion blog is simple but like everything else in life, making this blog famous and making it takes effort.

But if you’re doing it correctly, you’ll definitely discover the experience to be satisfying and rewarding.

What You’ll Need to Start Your Fashion Blog

The first step is to decide on the best platform to create your own fashion blog. There are a lot of options however, each has each its pros and pros (see our list of the top blog platforms).

You can, for instance, create a blog for free on platforms like, Tumblr, Blogger, etc.

They are referred to as free blogs. They are extremely restricted in terms of functionality and flexibility in building the personal branding of your brand. The main limitation is the ability to earn profits from your content.

What do you think about starting with a Fashion Blog with Instagram?

Instagram is amazing however, you aren’t the only one who has it. You can grow a massive following, but all this will be gone in a flash if Instagram finds that the posts violated a portion of their guidelines.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t utilize Instagram. It is a must to make use of it to reach an audience. However, you’ll require an integrated platform that allows you to control the places where you can keep your audience returning for many the years to be.

The most effective way to create your own fashion blog is developing your own website, with total control and ownership.

Now, the question is how a novice without any knowledge of programming create an online site?

This is the point at which is available. It’s an effective site builder that gives you complete control and complete control of your site. It is important not to mix and There are two distinct platforms. (See our review of and for more information).

There are three items you must consider when starting your own fashion blog with

  1. Domain Name : This is the address of your site and what people type into their browsers to go to your website (Example,
  2. Webhosting – It is your blog’s main home, and it is where you can save all your website’s data.
  3. Your full attention for the duration of 30 minutes

You can begin an entirely new fashion blog in only 30 minutes. We’ll take you through the entire set up step-by-step.

Through this course, we’ll discuss the following topics:

  • How to Register a Domain Name for Free
  • How to Choose the Best Web Hosting
  • How to Install WordPress
  • How to Choose the Right theme (website layout) for your Fashion Blog
  • How to Add Content to Your Fashion Blog
  • How to Get More Visitors to Your Fashion Blog
  • How to Earn Money From Your Fashion Blog
  • Resources to Learn WordPress and Grow Your Fashion Blog

Ready? Let’s get started.

Setting up a Fashion Blog Using WordPress

Domain names typically cost $14.99 per year, and web hosting typically costs $7.99 per month.

This is a lot of information for those who are just beginning their journey.

Fortunately, our Bluehost friends Bluehost offer free domains and a free SSL and the chance to save 60% on hosting for our readers.

You can basically begin as little as $2.75 per month.

Click here to claim the offer. Exclusive Bluehost Offer –

Note: At WPBeginner we believe in openness and transparency. If you sign to Bluehost through the referral links we provide, we’ll make a small amount of commission without additional expense towards customers (in fact, you’ll save money and also get the domain for free). This commission would be paid to recommend every WordPress hosting provider however, we will only recommend products we personally and believe will provide value for our visitors.

Let’s set up your web hosting and domain to get you started.

The first step is to visit your Bluehost site and select the start button.

In the next screen, you’ll be asked to select which plan to choose. We suggest either the basic plan or the plus plan. You are able to upgrade later on if you want to upgrade.

Then, it will require you to select the domain name you want to use for your site.

Domain name is the name of your URL’s address. This is what users enter into their browsers in order to go to your blog.

It is important to select the domain name that best represents your unique voice. It must be distinctive attractive, imaginative, and engaging. For more information, check out our guidelines for selecting the perfect web address for your site.

After entering the domain you want to register, you will need to complete your information for the transaction to be completed.

The account details will be sent to you via email. account information via email to the email address you supplied when signing up. The email includes your web hosting dashboard URL as well as login details.

After you have bought hosting and have it installed, your next task is installing WordPress. This can be done using the instructions provided in our step-by step instruction for how to create your own blog.

Choosing a Design for Your Fashion Blog

A blog that is about fashion and style isn’t going to have a plain design for a blog or business. Your website must have a style that reflects your individual taste in style and imagination.

Many fashion bloggers aren’t web designers, so how can they make a website that is distinctive, elegant and stylish and, of course, creative?

There are plenty of pre-designed WordPress templates you can select from.

Our editors have selected the most popular WordPress themes for fashion-related blogs that you should check out. The themes listed have unique designs and the flexibility to customize them to your own taste. In addition, they are all responsive (aka mobile-friendly) that means they look great on smartphones as well as tablets.

Each theme includes a separate settings page. This is where you’ll configure the theme, upload your website’s logo, select colors, and choose the your basic options.

Depending on the theme you select There are a lot of options for customization. We suggest focusing on simplicity with your site’s design to create a more clean look.

Add Useful Content To Your Fashion Blog

After you’ve got a functional design then you can begin creating content. We recommend incorporating existing content before you add the static.

Static content pages are those that are shared by all websites online. This can include pages like a Contact form page, an about us page, as well as an information and page on privacy policies. page.

If your theme has an Page Builder plugin that you can utilize it to build additional static landing pages also.

In the next step, you’ll need to begin adding articles or blog posts. Learn how to add a brand new blog post to WordPress and use all of the options.

Here’s where you’ll develop your personal voice. Your blog posts must be engaging, informative and useful. Being a blogger means that you’ll need to frequently develop fresh concepts for blog post ideas. Take a look at these seven kinds of posts that have been proved to work and easily modify them for the fashion-related blog you have.

We suggest choosing a regular frequency for your content. Larger and more popular websites publish each day with new content. Start by posting some posts every week, and gradually increase the frequency to daily updates.

To generate regular blog posts Check out top blogs from the fashion industry to get ideas. Look at what these leading blogs are up to and then replicate it on your blog.

We’re not suggesting that you must steal or copy the content.

It is enough to brainstorm ideas, topics and then get inspired. Then, you can implement these ideas in your blog, adding your unique style, voice and flavor.

Optimize Your Fashion Blog to Get More Visitors

When you have started adding valuable content The second step would be to ensure that visitors are able to find your site.

Here’s how you can ensure that your site attracts people to visit your site and that they engage with your site’s content.

Start Working on Your Website’s SEO

The most popular blogs receive significant portion of their traffic coming from search engines such as Google or Bing. Marketers utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization to optimize their site for higher ranking.

WordPress is SEO user-friendly in the default settings however there are ways to make it more efficient. Follow our step-by-step SEO tutorial for WordPress to boost your website’s position.

Improve Website Speed

Speed is among the most crucial aspects that impact users’ experience on your site. It also impacts your site’s rank on the search engines since Google considers speed to be one of its top ranking factors.

Your website can be made considerably faster by making certain tweaks to performance in WordPress. We’ve put together a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial for how to accelerate WordPress and increase performance.

Track User Engagement

What your visitors do once they have landed on your site are referred to as engagement. Engaged users mean more page visits and more growth for your blog about fashion.

That’s why you’ll require Google Analytics. It informs you of the location your visitors are coming from, what they are doing on your site and the best way to keep returning visitors.


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