How to Style Converse Shoes with Dresses?

Kristen Stewart has made Converse with a dress a popular trend. Kristen Stewart wore it at the MTV Movie Awards. Since then, many fashion influencers have modeled a similar style. Converse sneakers are a favorite of fashionistas because they don’t compromise style or comfort. This page will give you some inspiration on how to achieve this look. 

The Key Takeaways

  • Converse sneakers are the most popular footwear for fashionistas because they don’t compromise style or comfort.
  • They can be worn with almost any style, including jeans, skirts and even wedding or prom dresses.
  • Converse shoes can elevate your look, whether denim one-piece or a pastel noodle strap dress.

How to Style Converse Shoes?

Converse goes well with almost everything, so you will know why if you’re already familiar with them. Jeans and skirts? Yep. Prom? Sure. What’s the deal with a date night? Hell, yes. Wedding dress? ABSOLUTELY! Have a look!

Converse Wedding Dress

We started with the most important of all outfits, the wedding dress. Talk about brides who break fashion conventions and choose details that reflect their personality. More women are wearing converse with fancy wedding dresses. This allows them to show off their personalities while walking down the aisle.

Converse Shoes and Skinny Jeans

Converse shoes are the best choice for skinny jeans, whether white or black. As they can instantly improve your everyday look, we recommend getting a custom pair.

Converse and high-waisted shorts

Converse and denim are like a match made for heaven. For a chic touch, pair high-waisted jeans shorts with a graphic T-shirt. These little adjustments can make a big difference in your appearance.

Converse Shoes and Formals

You might be wrong if you think formals are a space Converse can’t enter. You can wear your Converse, no matter if you’re going to work or want to look casual. This look will show the world that you value comfort and love breaking up the monotony.

Converse in Animal Prints and Leather

Animal prints can add lots of character to your outfits without being too difficult. While we understand that animal prints aren’t for everyone, you can add some leather Converse to your look!

Converse Shoes and a Prom Dress

Prom night is just around the corner. This means that the anxiety about getting everything right is high. Converse shoes will help you to move to your beat. This is getting dramatic, but I promise you that many people will come to you for fashion advice once they see you sporting this bold look.

Trench Coat and Yellow Converse

A trench coat is an essential piece of every woman’s wardrobe. You can match your trench with Converse in the same color while you sip a pumpkin spice latte and live it up.

T-Shirt Dress with Converse

Converse will elevate any basic T-shirt dress to the next level, whether denim one-piece, pastel noodle strap or simple T-shirt dress.

Converse and dresses

It doesn’t matter if it is a midi-length, long or short dress; Converse can pair it with it. Converse is your best choice, whether you’re looking to make it a statement with tulle or to keep it semi-formal with a striped gown.

Converse Shoes and Skater Dress

Skater dresses are full of cuteness. They can be worn on bad hair days, lazy Sundays, and when you don’t feel like moving any muscles. The look is complete when you add Converse shoes!


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