How to Style Yourself Perfectly This Party Season?

December, also known as the “Party Season”, will soon be here. As more spaces become available, it’s clear that you will want to get out and have fun. It’s important to shine your clothes in these situations. Although the trend may seem simple, there are more tricks than just adding sequins and beading to your outfits. We’ll show you how to reimagine and reinterpret the trend in many ways, from more traditional styles to more modern ones. While this may be a bold move for men, it will also teach you how to dress up for parties stylishly and practically.

You walk into a party. You’re offered a drink. Instead of taking it, say, ‘I’d love one of those, but I’m so thirsty, I’ll start with a glass of water first if that’s OK.’ The exception to this rule is if you think the first drink served might be the only good one, in which case grab one and hang onto it.

We’re entering a very social and, potentially, very boozy time of year, which is great, up to a point. But how best to manage that balance between having a good time and becoming a human husk? How does one tread the line between looking forward to the next exhilarating glass of fizz or restful pint of beer and thinking dark thoughts about entering 2021 as a born-again teetotaller?


You can start by selecting simple metallic colours for your work. The trend can be seen in woven fabrics and textiles. These are simple but striking, 2-dimensional versions that lustrously reflect light. You can wear colours like gold, silver and rose gold in different combinations or single colours.


Because they are so versatile, sequins are bright and lively. You can use the embellishment as part of the beading or embroidery part of any tapestry. They guarantee an immediate and eye-catching shine that will make you feel like the star of the party.


Beading is an extremely intricate technique, a more complex form of embroidering embellishments in 3-dimensions. The result can have a lot more movement and shine than traditional embroidery, but it is still strong in the area where it was stitched. There are many styles and shapes available in beading, which can make your garment stand out.

Traditional Techniques

Many traditional methods can be used to shine. Mirror-work, gotta Patti, foil prints, and other embroidery forms have been favoured to shine in, with a hint of Indian flair. They are unique due to the labour involved, but they can be mixed with western styles so you can find your perfect spot.


It has been not easy to style partywear for men. This is especially true when you have to balance being confident and not looking too formal. We believe you can make your partywear styling easier by doing a self-assessment and only incorporating a few of these elements into your look. These looks can work wonders for men, from simple styles to sophisticated outfits.

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