Leggings and Shirts that Go Together

These versatile yet minimal pieces of clothing can give you a stylish look. Add the right accessories, and you’re done! You will have a lot more fashion sense. I was hoping you could scroll down to see the cool ideas I’ve put together.

The Key Takeaways

  • You can pair leggings with a shirt for a stylish and comfortable look.
  • This combination is versatile and can be worn to work or casually.
  • To up your style, you can wear leggings in various colors with a hood or black leggings and a denim jacket. You can also wear high-waisted leggings paired with a sweater.

Leggings are no longer worn with baggy T-shirts. Gone are the days of leggings that were only black or long. You can find leggings in leather, printed, lace and fleece, as well as capris. You can wear them with shirts and crop tops, leather jackets, hoodies and sweaters. We have compiled a list of great tops with leggings to help you style your outfit. Have a look!

Long Georgette Top with Black Leggings

You might be drawn to skinny black jeans for this top, but you can try it with leggings. They don’t cling around your waist like denim, so they maintain the shape of the top and give you a flattering silhouette. To make your party-ready, add a thick waist belt, pumps, a crossbody bag, and pumps!

Leggings with a Hoodie in High-Rise Colors

Kendal Jenner and Gigi Hadid have taught us a lot, haven’t they? You can live in leggings or hoodies as they do. Opt for bright colors instead of neutrals.

Monochromatic Look with Leggings

Black leggings are a chic and effortless way to achieve monochrome style. You will be the center of attention when you wear tan combat boots that break up your narrow silhouette.

Silk Blouse with Leather Leggings

You probably don’t reach for leggings when you have a silk blouse in your hand. These ultra-hot leather leggings are the perfect choice for a flattering top such as this. You can wear ankle-length booties with a black side bag and style your hair in beachy waves by adding a pair of hoops and some black side-body bags.

Crop Top And Leggings

Leggings are the only acceptable summer bottoms, I think. Leggings that are soft and breathable have a thick waistband, don’t ride up, and can be worn with a tank or racerback top.

Bomber Jacket and Fleece Leggings

Leggings are a slimming alternative to the puffiness of a bomber coat. To balance the contrast pieces, add ankle-length boots.

Denim Jacket And Black Leggings

There are two ways to wear a denim jacket. The first is to wear it over a tank and black leggings. It looks amazing. Another way to add layers is to use a crop top. Trust me, and it makes quite a difference. White sneakers, a white crop top and a cropped jacket made of denim (sleeveless) are all good options.

Leather Jacket and Checkered Jersey Leggings

Leggings now have check patterns. This is a great way to look trendy and easy. Place the jeggings on the scaffold. You can then add a black T-shirt or tube to the top, or even a bralette. To give it a more sophisticated look, add a leather jacket. This outfit looks great with ankle boots.

Abstract Leggings And Tie Top

These leggings with abstract prints are quite different from the usual floral-printed ones. They’re usually soft and subtle, not too flashy. Keep the top simple and stick to the print. To amp up the style, you can try a plain black top with ties at the front.

High-Waisted, Sculpted Leggings and Sweater

These leggings with a high waist and sculpted design let you show off your curves and calves even in winter. These leggings look great paired with a high-low, embellished or large sweaters. This outfit can be paired with boots of any length.


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