Camp: Notes on Fashion. What the heck does this mean? I’ve done some digging into this and I have found that;
A) The word ‘camp’ derives from the French slang term se camper, which means “to pose in an exaggerated fashion” and
B) Having deliberately artificial, vulgar, banal, or affectedly humorous qualities or style – I feel I can relate to B… But aside from that, the word Camp is big big big in the drag community. I mean besides the spelling mistake on Lena Waithe’s jacket (oops), black queens did indeed, invent camp.
I have to say that this year has been my favourite so far, I think mostly because there were no bounds. Generally, there aren’t too many bounds holding one down for the Met – but I don’t know, this year just hit the spot for me like a vino on a
Friday night.
Here’s my top picks!
Kylie Jenner in Atelier Versace, Kim Kardashian in Manfred Thierry Mugler and Kendal Jenner in Versace. Guys I could not include Kris in this, I honestly did not know what the FK was going on there??? Say what you want about them, but Kimmy came through literally dripping, and the girls were red hot, I ain’t mad.
Ezra Miller in Burberry. Um helloooo? Is this not creativity at it’s finest? Is this not brilliant? Who did this? How? He literally has 5 EYES. Seeing concepts like this make me really excited for what’s to come. The boundaries are being pushed, art is going beyond the fabric.
Jared Leto in Gucci. Accompanied by… the head of Jared Leto? It’s strange… little bit Jesus, little bit Popey/churchy, little bit wtf but I like love it. Kind of similar to what he wore last year, but you know what I loved that look too.
Lily-Rose Depp in Chanel. Yeah you know what, this isn’t the most eye catching, head-turner of a look, but it’s an archival ode to vintage 90’s Chanel, just love it. Funny how her father was such a huge 90’s icon along with her mother Vanessa, the perfect look.
Hailey Bieber in Alexander Wang, ooft. This is Camp. Elegonzaaaaa dress plus crystal G banger? Yes, absolutely I think she hit the nail on the head. Wang told Vogue “we wanted to show the duality of something sweet and demure with a little something naughty and sexy in the back”.
You know what, as I’ve been revising all these look’s I’m coming to find that I like WAY too many to keep commenting. I’m just going to leave some more photos of my faves, who I believe met the Camp brief hunnyyyyy.
I think I’m going to leave it here, like I said I cannot handle how much I loved this year’s Met.
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