One of the Greatest Innovations in Skin Rejuvenation

Think again if you believe that fillers and Botox TM are the only way to reduce wrinkles. Stem Cells are the latest beauty ingredient to be a hit.

Dermatologists now use stem cells to improve the appearance of skin and reduce wrinkles. Stem cells are used as creams, serums, and even cleaners. They’re the same cells that were used to treat Alzheimer’s and certain forms of cancer. There is one big difference: these stem cells come from plants. They work the same as human stem cells, and they may have amazing benefits for the skin.

What are stem cells, and how do they work

The ability of human stem cells to divide makes them unique. They can become so specialized in certain organs that they can repair or replace damaged tissue. Plant stem cells perform similar functions.

Plant and human stem cells both contain amino acids and proteins that stimulate the cells of the body to rejuvenate. They also contain peptides, which are powerful ingredients in skincare for the formation of collagen. These peptides are essential for cell rejuvenation. They also have antioxidant properties that nourish the skin and promote cell turnover. It can lead to fewer wrinkles and lines, improved skin tone and texture, and younger-looking skin. Who doesn’t want to look younger and more beautiful?

I’ll have some of that, you say. You say ….Enter Pevonia Stem Cells (Phyto-EliteTM). This innovative line contains two plant stem cell sources: Argan Tree and European Comfrey root. These have been proven to perform five to ten times better than any other stem cells available. The collection offers maximum absorption and repair activity as well as additional antioxidant and protective benefits for the skin.

The skincare collection features a Multi-Active Cleanser, Intensive Serum, and Intensive Creme. It is a breakthrough in the field of cellular regeneration, addressing the root causes of skin aging. To say that this is a great innovation is an understatement.

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