This is the question that every impatient man asks: “How can I make my facial hair grow faster?” It is the height of masculinity and the source of jealousy for many. You will get frustrated sometimes while growing a beard. Your facial hair may not grow at the speed you expected. You can do some things to help your beard grow thicker and faster. In one week, there is no magic formula to make your beard look like Khal Dogo. However, there are simple steps you can take to get your bearded journey started.

How to Grow a Beard Faster

Get a Beard

Imagine this: You forget to set your alarm and wake up tired twenty minutes before work. You skip your daily shave in your rush to not be late on the only day of the week your boss is available. You look in the mirror at 3 o’clock and realize that you look quite good with stubble. You decide to skip shaving the next day, but you do it intentionally this time. Soon, people will ask you if your beard is growing.

Most men won’t notice that they have begun to grow facial hair until at least three days old. At that point, it is important to commit to your beard. Itchy skin can feel like a relapsed addict in a daytime movie. You will feel much better once you get past the initial hump. Many men feel that the “four-week hump” is necessary before they can start to feel like they have a beard.

Don’t Touch Your Beard.

Itchy skin can feel frustratingly itchy for the first four weeks, depending on how coarse your facial hair is and how sensitive your skin is. You may feel almost like giving up. Refrain from shaven, trimming, twisting, or scratching your facial hair. It is important to move beyond patchy facial hair and grow a full beard. This means that you can no longer groom your beard. After you have passed the four-week mark, you can begin to shape it.

Don’t let anyone fool you into believing that shaving will make your hair thicker. This old wives’ tale is not true. It is more likely to grow if you don’t think about it at the beginning stages. The days of itching will soon be gone.

Vitamins for Beard Growth

According to some, your hair is a reflection of your overall health. Maintaining a healthy diet can encourage the faster growth of facial hair. Hair is made up of protein, so eating foods high in protein can help build a stronger and healthier beard. Low iron levels can cause hair loss or stunted growth. Make sure you eat plenty of iron-rich food.

Omega-3 fatty acids are good for hair health and can be found in fish such as salmon and sardines. Your body will produce sebum, which is a natural conditioner by increasing your vitamin A intake. A lack of vitamin B-vitamin biotin can cause brittle hair. Eat whole grains instead.

It is important to eat a balanced diet. However, supplements can be helpful if you feel you aren’t getting enough vitamins. Your G.P. should be consulted about any diet. To ensure safe supplement intake and sustainable eating habits.

Get Rest

A key ingredient to growing a thick, masculine mustache is testosterone. Giving your body time to rest is one of the best ways to increase your testosterone levels. Recent research published in an American medical journal shows that men who aren’t getting enough sleep can experience a drop in testosterone. Your body can regenerate testosterone by sleeping, which gives your beard its secret ingredient. Modern men can benefit from eight hours of sleep.

Reducing Stress

Your body’s ability to regenerate testosterone is also affected by increased stress. Stress can also reduce the flow of vitamins into your hair follicles. This is a serious problem that can have real physiological consequences. Meditation and breathing exercises can be helpful if you feel stressed out. You can reduce the number of screen hours in your home by setting a time when you turn off devices. Jogging, or any other activity that allows you to unpack your thoughts for a bit is a great way to get moving. You will be rewarded with a set of solid bristles and a decrease in stress.

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