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What would the beauty world be like without the best blogs on beauty? Who are we kidding? The weekend is always a good time to check out what our favorite beauty bloggers have posted. We love to see what our favorite bloggers share, whether it’s the products or makeup tutorials they love. We continue to return to the same experts, even though many new makeup and skincare blogs exist. This is because we know their expertise; they have been in the community for so long. We thought it would not be nice not to share Byrdie’s edit of the best beauty bloggers in the world.


Anna Edit


Why Follow: Based out of Brighton, Anna has a wealth of knowledge about skincare. (Check out her post to learn how to get glowing skin). She is also one of the most organized people I have ever met. She is happy to share her secrets with you on her website, YouTube channel, and morning productivity article.


Katie Jane Hughes


Why Follow: We love Katie Jane Hughes for her approach to beauty. Her Insta Stories smite us. Whether it’s the prettiest eye makeup tutorials or a step-by-step account of how she got eyebrow microblading, we love them all.


A Style Album


Why Follow: Em & Lou from A Style Album are beauty experts. These ladies are experts in finding classics, whether the perfect lippies or a candle with a beautiful scent.


Patricia Bright


Why Follow: Patricia Bright has a page full of super-glam beauty looks. You can also watch her videos. We love her detailed posts about how to look good, with product lists and ratings.


Shirley’s Wardrobe


Why Follow: Shirley is a London-based blogger who appears to be obsessed with fashion. But she also has some unique beauty tips and tricks. She has you covered with everything from wedding guest beauty tips to the perfect nude face.


Zoe London


Why Follow: We love Bleach London’s Instagram feed for ideas on hair color, but we also turn to Zoe London, who uses bold, bright colors. If you’re concerned about how much dye damages your hair, she has a tip to help.


Beauty is Boring


Why Follow: This blog is not about beauty, despite its moniker. This contemporary site will provide bold, vibrant, and stunning images. It’s a great place to get inspired if you are tired of your current makeup routine and want to start a new one.

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