The dos and don’ts of cleansing your skin: 10 things you need to know now

This is the first step in your skincare routine, and it’s also the step that creates the basis for all the other products you use. So nailing this step is essential! Many people have the misconception that washing your face involves soap, water, and a lather for 10 seconds. How wrong they were! We have listed ten important things to know about cleansing. Follow these tips, and you will be on your way to clear, healthy, and radiant skin!

Don’t forget to use the correct cleanser for your skin type.

There is a cleansing product for every skin type. Whether you have dry skin, sensitive skin, or something else, there is one out there. Understanding the differences between foaming gel and cream cleansers is also important. Cream cleansers tend to be gentler on the skin and are more moisturizing. Gel cleansers are more effective at providing a deeper cleanse, but because they foam up, they can dry out the skin.

Don’t wash your face in hot water.

Hot water can cause irritation and skin inflammation by disrupting the skin’s barrier function. Stick to lukewarm for best results.

Wash your face in the morning and at night.

Many of us are prone to skip the morning cleanser because we remove the makeup and grime from the previous day the night before, and we only sleep. Correct! Correct!

Don’t forget to clean your neck and chin!

Oft forgotten (guilty!) Our jawline and neck can be just as dirty and grimy as our face, so don’t forget to clean them too!

DO double cleanse

Is it necessary to double cleanse? Yes, it is! Over-cleaning the skin in the morning may damage the barrier function. A single cleanse will remove all the makeup and grime from the previous day, but adding a secondary cleanse to your nightly routine will clean deeper and remove dead skin cells.

DO NOT use generic bar soap.

These soaps can alter your skin’s pH balance, causing a breakout.

DO deep cleanse weekly.

Once a week, introducing a deep cleansing exfoliation can do wonders for the skin, as it promotes cell turnover and results in a more radiant, brighter complexion.

DO NOT use a flannel.

If you don’t wash them thoroughly every day, they can cause pimples. It’s best to use your fingertips to clean effectively without any other side effects!

DRY with a soft cloth

It is very important to dry your face properly after cleansing! Don’t rub your face using a “crispy towel” (yes, we have all used them at some point). Rubbing can age the skin. Be sure to pat it dry gently. Pay special attention to your delicate eye area.

Don’t be lazy by using only face wipes.

They are fast, easy, and effective for some. Plus (pardon the pun!) After a night of drinking, we all want something quick and easy. Hey, at least you won’t be going to sleep with makeup on! It’s important to note that most face wipes are made with harsh chemicals and alcohol that can strip the skin.

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