The Hair Treatments That Will Save Your Hair

That should really be the mantra to go along with this post today. Because doesn’t having good hair, make your day…actually, life so much more manageable? So let’s chat about some of our faves below!

Evo The Great Hydrator – $32.95 – for dry hair

An intense treatment that will save even the driest of hair! It moisturises, smooths, reduces frizz and the best part? It only takes 3-5 minutes. If your hair is really dry use it in place of conditioner whenever you wash, or save it for a once a week treat.

Oribe Signature Moisture Masque – $78.30 – For dull hair (that needs a little oomph)

Need to give your hair a little pep me up? This Oribe Signature Moisture Masque will give any dull looking strands ridiculous oomph. With just one use you will wave goodby to your sad, dull winter hair and instead replace it with shiny, happy strands that aren’t weighed down or go flat. The price tag is a little hefty – but worth it!

Keune Vital Nutrition Mask – $33.95 – for damaged hair 

Do you colour your hair more than you probably should? Then you’ll know how vital it is to keep it looking fresh and as un-damaged as possible. Enter: Keune Vital Nutrition Mask. The ultimate mask that will help reverse all the bleaching and colouring that you’ve done. (Kinda. HA.) Essential minerals and microproteins improve the hair’s elasticity, while other active ingredients help restore the inner hair structure, in turn revitalising your damaged strands! It’s the prayer your hair has been waiting for.

This Works Sleep Plus Hair Elixir – $45.00 – for hair…with no time

Sure having the luxurious option of popping on a hair treatment on a weekly basis might seem like a totally achievable goal. However, the reality is when we get home on a cold Friday night, the option of catching up on Netflix and a hot choc might just seem the more alluring. Hence why This Works Sleep Plus Hair Elixir is a god send for those with no time. It’s an aromatherapy spray that not only promotes your hair vitality but helps promote your sleep too. Win, win! It basically uses a time-release system that combines pure essential oils with nourishing sunflower extract and argan, jojoba and baobab oils that all help banish tiredness and bed hair. So all you do is wake up refreshed with shiny, healthy hair!

Bumble and Bumble Quenching Mask – $55.00

If strength is what you’re after then this is your mask. Not only was it made for chronically dry hair, but it adds shine and gives it back it’s life all without making it feel greasy. You really only need to be using this baby once a week too, so the tube should last you a while!

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