Tips For Designing Your School Sports Uniform

Your school’s uniforms need to be updated. Need new gear for interschool sports? Are you looking for uniforms to launch a new sport at your school? You’re probably looking for inspiration to design the sports uniform of your school.

You’ve come to the right place. Our years of experience can provide you with professional advice. Don’t forget that uniform design is more than just colors and styles. Consider how your students will feel and appear in their sports uniforms in Australia.

It is recommended that schools replace their uniforms every 5 years. This will ensure that they are always up-to-date with the latest uniform trends.

Below you will find the best tips for making your own sports outfits.

Considerations to make when designing school uniforms:

  • Be sure to choose the correct colors for your school’s branding.

Uniforms for school sports teams should accurately reflect the school’s brand. It is important to promote the school through these uniforms, as they are worn by the students who represent it. Your uniforms must be in the same colors as your school.

It is best to provide the Pantone colors of your school. Pantone Colour System is widely used color matching system.

Designers can create consistency in all their decoration methods. Your school’s Pantone colours are likely stored in a database. Ask your uniform manager or brand coordinator for help if you can’t find the colors.

  • Check that the colours you choose won’t show sweat.
    We all know that adolescents and children of school age can be self-conscious. Sweat marks are the number one thing that makes teenagers feel self-conscious. Keep this in mind when choosing your sports uniform’s colors. Choose a colour that will not show sweat stains.
  • Select Dark Colors for School Bottoms.

Choose dark bottoms for all pants provided by your school. Nobody likes wearing dirt-stained pants!

The correct color choice the bottoms of the can ensure that athletes who are menstruating feel comfortable and continue to take part in sport.

  • Have An Inclusive Sizing Range Available For Students.

Everybody can do sport! A uniform that is too big or small can be uncomfortable.

Offer a range of sizes so that everyone can take part in their favorite sport.

We recommend women’s sizes instead of unisex. Custom-made sports uniforms for girls make them feel more comfortable at sports.

  • Use Team Numbers in Your Jersey Design? Consider randomizing them.

Do you have numbers on your football or basketball jerseys? Randomizing the numbering is a good idea.

Don’t randomly assign numbers to sports jerseys. Instead, numbers 1-10 will be medium size, 11-20 large, and 21-30 extra-large.

You can select random numbers to determine the size of each item. The results are: Mediums are 1, 7, 12, 23 and 30, Larges are 4, 5, 11 and 19, 21 etc.

It is important to randomly assign numbers in order to identify students who are struggling with their body image. Everyone does not know their size.

Consider a design that is unique and different.

Most schools have boring uniforms for inter-school sports or PE.

Be creative. Use school logos differently, change the design, and try something new.


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