Yellow Pop

When thinking of autumn and winter trends, bright, bold colours may not be what you think of. Fashion week in New York City was almost like a rainbow this year. There were a lot of vibrant fuchsias, cherry reds and limes. We were most drawn to the abundance of sunny, canary, and daffodil yellows. This is a welcome departure from the usual dark, moody winter colours.

Yellow is a well-known spring trend. It’s a subtle pop for accessories, jewellery, bags, scarves and sometimes skirts. We recommend bursting this subtle pop for winter. A bright yellow trench or bomber can be worn over an all-black outfit or a pair of primrose pants with a plain shirt. Wearing yellow is the colour of the sun, so you should feel just as hot.

Extra Long Belts

These extremely long belts have a firm grip on fashion. Belts are no longer functional accessories that can be worn at the ankle, mid-thigh, or even below. Extra-long belts have been seen on street style stars wearing blazers, trousers, high-waisted pants and flowy dresses. This trend is endlessly wearable.

Over a trench coat or boxy coat, you can add a long belt with a pattern or colour. This will help you define your waist and create interest. This style is great for loose silhouettes like dresses, pants, flares and tailored pants. It can be worn as normal. You can let the excess length fall where it will or loop it across the buckle. You can be as creative and free as you like with this trend.

From Head to Toe in Leather

The usual way to try head to toe leather, pleather, or a combination thereof is to avoid Halloween costumes, 50 Shades of Grey and superhero movies. But our street style vixens in 2018 had other ideas. This trend is a hit, with everything from jackets, bags, caps, and even skirts and boots.

We know that all-over leather can be quite intimating at times. Start small. A leather skirt and boot can be combined with a zip-up jacket. You can also make a pair of leather pants by pairing a jacket and a cap with leather pants. If you feel you are wearing too much leather, you can unzip the jacket and take the hat off. We love these bold leather looks, and we think it’s okay to be a biker, babe. If you prefer leather, there are many options.

Statement Clear Raincoats

How often have you tried to plan the perfect outfit only for the weather to change? Clear coats are a simple solution to the problem of constantly having to redo your entire outfit because of rain.

These PVC translucent raincoats will let you show off your favourite looks without the need for bulky jackets. These transparent raincoats are a great alternative to classic raincoats or non-waterproof woollies. They will keep you stylish and dry. These lightweight saviours can be worn in the summer or spring and are light enough to wear even when there is a chance of a sunshower. The piping was almost like a frame for the outfit. Our favourite is the coloured one. Clear raincoats are available in a variety of styles.

Plaid Pants

Plaid is a well-known name in the print industry for a good reason. Plaid is classic yet elegant, simple yet bold, beautiful yet grungy and easy to match with or clash. Plaid pants are a new trend that emerged in the ’90s. We have seen chic farmer shirts, grunge skirts and schoolgirl tartan jackets. Plaid can be used to create many looks and is versatile enough to suit any style, from preppy to punky.

You can look preppy by wearing your tennis shoes. But if you want to be more casual, try pairing a sweater with a collared shirt and a sweater with a muted plaid. Doc Martins, denim and plaids can take you from prep-to-punk. You can mix and match your tartan trousers with a plaid jacket in a different colour for a trendy look. For a refreshing take on the corporate style, pair red tartan trousers with a white jacket and a camel trench coat. You can also pair your tartan suit up with a monochrome printed T-shirt. This will give you a laid-back, trendy look.

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