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It doesn’t matter if are a web designer, freelancer or stay-at-home mom, or college student If you’re trying to make your life better make sure you are upgrading your style.

Being boring is never fun and dressing up is actually an art.

Are you looking to be more fashionable? There are two options to go about it: either employ an experienced fashion designer or create it yourself.

If you’re not a star or have a golden spoon, you aren’t able to pay for the majority of fashion designers. There is no reason to begin with a designer, as the majority of us can’t pay for it, which leaves us with the option to make Do-it-yourself (Do It Yourself) fashions.

If you’re looking for easy methods and ways to be more trendy, I would suggest you start reading the top blog about fashion in India in 2023, which I’ll discuss in this article.

They can help you find the most effective ways to dress in the clothes you already have, but also aid you in learning to appear more confident in your style or outfit. It is a fact that with the proper clothes, you’ll automatically feel confident. And who wouldn’t like to be more stylish and confident and have famous looks?


10 Top Indian Fashion Websites from the Top Fashion Bloggers

Notification:I have spent good amount of time analyzing the blogs you’re going to find in this article. I’ve taken several factors like quantity of posts, the quality of the content as well as the engagement of readers and social media analytics and other factors into account while making this list.


Who is the person who runs this site?

Sayantini is the proprietor and editor of Cherry On Top which is a lifestyle and beauty blog. began the blog in January of 2013.

She is constantly trying new products, from skincare to makeup and offers the best advice on beauty and fashion.

What are the reasons to be following?

Sayantini’s love of makeup and other beauty related items is the reason you should visit her blog. She covers an array of information about fashion and beauty you can utilize before purchasing particular beauty products.

If you’re searching for the ultimate Indian fashion blog covering everything from fashion, beauty to skincare, you must be sure to look into Cherry on Top.


Who manages this site?

Anshita Juneja is a Delhi blogger from Delhi is the person who started this blog. It was founded in 2010 and over the past few years she’s taken the blog from a mere blog to a an icon, and now the blog has more than 25000 users on Facebook and Twitter.

Why should you read it?

You’ll receive the most recent reviews on the latest fashion products you’d like to purchase and save money before purchasing fashion items.

This blog features an area for readers to ask questions which can help you find better answers to your fashion-related queries. It also breaks down the top fashion brands so that you can test at your own level to get a stylish look.


Who manages this site?

The blog is written by Purushu and was started in 2009 to document his experience as a fashion designer as he studied in NIFT New Delhi.

What are the reasons to be following?

Purushu is not just the fashion contributor at The Hindu, but also mentioned by a few celebrities like Marc Jacobs.

This blog is a must-read for anyone who are looking to get beautiful look without spending a fortune on their clothes.

Purushu’s knowledge of fashion drawing, draping, imaginative pattern-making, construction of garments the history of costume and fashion can inspire you to become more stylish.

Note: While searching for this article I ended up on poor websites with no tutorials about the fashion industry or lifestyle. In addition it’s not that many female Indian fashion bloggers that have excellent tutorials. Actually, Purushu is the only male-oriented fashion blog I have covered in this whole blog, so you see how much less competition is. If you’re male and would like to start a fashion-related blog There’s no better time to do it than right now!


Who manages the website?

Tanya Virmani is the proprietor of this blog, which was established in the year the year 2011. It’s among the most popular blogs in India that has partnered with some of the largest fashion brands, including Dove, Lakme, Veet, Kaya etc.

Who should read the blog?

This blog is a beauty, fashion and food blog that concentrates on the new Fashion Trends as well as making your life more enjoyable.

If you’re looking for the latest fashion and beauty tips with a lively and chic writing style, you should certainly follow her blog to receive the latest news about Indian trending fashions.


Who is the person who runs this blog?

Tashiara, a Delhi blogger from Delhi, is the blogger behind the blog that has rapidly become a must-read source for girls, boys, and women.

What are the reasons to use ?

Tashiara is your guide to keep you informed about the latest trends in fashion including fashion trends, amazing ideas and tips for the current fashions DIYs, tips for making your own and more.

Go to Tashiara and you’ll not just be awed by the endless fashion tutorials that you’ll find, but you will also be enthralled by her writing.


Who is the person who runs the website?

Bhumika Thakkar is the blogger behind this incredible Indian blog named New Love Makeup. She is a 29-year young Chartered Accountant (CA) and Company Secretary, and a certified Financial Manager through her education.

On her blog, she mostly writes about Beauty, Fashion and lifestyle blogging who blogged for seven years ago.

The reason you should use ?

If you’re in search of an online platform on which you can get more information on the newest fashion, Indian latest fashion trends lifestyle tips as well as cosmetics, skin care and more You must visit her blog.

Apart from her blog Bhumika is also a Youtube channel that mainly discusses beauty, fashion and lifestyle. If you’re looking for the latest fashion trends visit her blog.


Who is the person who runs the website?

This blog is written by Kajal Mishra, who has worked with the top Indian brands such as Alberto Torresi, Asus Zenfone, Celebrity Face, CouponDunia, Fgali, Goa Tourism, Gionee, IML Jeans, Jabong, Rena Love and more.

Kajal has spent the last five years working in the banking department of IDBI bank.

She began her blogging career in 2012, initially as a blogger for fun, but then she became a full-time blogger in India.

What are the reasons to use ? is offering some of the latest fashion related content, styles and trends along with some articles around travel since 2015.

If you’re seeking to discover new destinations in India Find the latest clothes and keep up with the latest fashions in luxury This blog is essential for you.



Who manages this blog?

Vogue represents the one exception on this list.

It’s not made in India however Vogue fashion India blog is an essential read for those who want to keep up with the latest fashion trends and enjoy a luxurious life. It’s a multi-author blog.

What are the reasons to use ?

Vogue India is mainly a lifestyle and fashion journal that focuses on a broad variety of subjects like beauty, fashion living, and more.


Who manages the website?

Peaches & Blush is run by a female blogger Mehak Sagar, who is an business owner and the creator of a blog that is equally amazing known as

She also gave also given a Tedx presentation on the changing paths to career as well as her own blog Peaches and Blush has been featured on major platforms such as Femina, Cosmopolitan Magazine.

She was also named among the top five most influential bloggers from Delhi in the city of Delhi by HT City.

What are the reasons to be following?


In addition, it has its own YouTube channel, where you can discover a wealth of videos that teach you how to apply makeup and beauty, which makes it among the most sought-after Indian blogs.

Who is the person who runs this blog?

Elan Street is managed by a variety of people. You can get celebrity stylists’ suggestions, get personal shopping advice, wedding styling tips, fashion tips and more.

What are the reasons to be following?

If you’re interested in learning more about current fashion items as well as personalized and immediate style advice, Elan Street is the best site to be following.

It is thought to be one of the most popular modern fashion websites in India that has many followers across social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook and twitter.

How do most fashion bloggers make money from their blogs?

It’s an interesting question that is also an extremely commonly asked questions too. We tried to add it in a separate area to provide you with the most appropriate answer.

The majority of bloggers make money through their blogs through a myriad of different ways. These include:

  • Marketing through affiliates
  • Events
  • Brand collaborations with brands
  • Advertising
  • Content sponsored by sponsors

Let’s go over each one so that you are able to understand more about how the majority of them make money from their blogs.

Affiliate Marketing

The majority of blogs listed above make use of affiliate links in their blog posts. They direct readers to products they recommend or use (such as clothing accessories, tools, other products).

There are bloggers who wear customized clothing or accessories, and then post these on websites like Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram as well as affiliate links that let the people who visit them buy. In exchange, they receive a commission based on the number of clicks they get or on a portion of the total revenue generated by their affiliate referral hyperlinks.

If you’re also a fashion blog and are looking to earn a profit by promoting advertising on affiliate sites, we advise that you check out these top affiliate program and choose the highest quality products that will appeal to the market you want to target.


There are many bloggers who go to fashion shows or organize events that make good profits from each event they organize. Not only do events enable them to earn money but they also expose themselves to different brands, individuals and much more.

Brand Collaborations

The most significant benefit of fashion blogging is the ability to make use of your blog’s posts as well as Instagram YouTube videos Pinterest partnerships and many other ways to advertise other brands and easily earn money from online.

That’s why the most bloggers employ numerous ways to partner with companies to promote their products and earn the money or commission.


There are two main ways that most fashion industry bloggers earn money by advertising. One is banner advertisements (by placing banner ads on their website, either on the pages, sidebars or footers) as well as display ads (such as AdSense advertisements, Infolinks, and such).

While display ads are commonly utilized by those who run fashion-related blogs We suggest you concentrate more on banner ads from websites like to be paid more for the traffic you generate. Banner ads are largely based on a few things that are listed below.

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