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How to dress like Victoria Beckham

Her fashion transformation has been remarkable and dramatic! She was Posh Spice once in a while, wearing tiny black dresses and shiny catsuits. Victoria Beckham now dresses in a completely different style. Let’s see how Victoria Beckham dresses.

Victoria Beckham rose to fame with the girl power group, The Spice Girls. She was the fashionista in the quintet, often wearing an LBD. Although everyone believed the little black mini dress she wore was Gucci, she later revealed that it was from a British high-street chain, Miss Selfridge.

After she married footballer David Beckham, she was not only a pop star but also a soccer superstar! She wore barely there Versace gowns, dyed her hair blonde, and used extensions. Her most popular hairstyle, the Pob, was a bob that was cut higher in the back and tapered to the front.

If you want to describe Victoria Beckham’s style, there is less than enough. Her classic style is well-known for its elegant but relaxed silhouettes. Although she is not afraid to wear colour, she can also be seen wearing neutrals.

Just look at the photos above to see her evolving style. The outfit on the left is her most recent, with white pants and a shirt. It features wide-legged pants, a luxurious shirt and an oversized bag. This is a more casual style than the one she favoured previously.

We break down Victoria Beckham’s chic style and create a wardrobe inspired by her clean, minimalist approach to putting together outfits. Here are some tips to achieve her effortlessly chic yet effortless look.

How to dress like Victoria Beckham

  • Choose a natural look. Victoria, who was once a model with hair extensions and breast surgery, has adopted a more natural look since she launched her fashion line.
  • Wear clothes that aren’t too tight. Victoria may be very slim, but she doesn’t feel the need for tight-fitting clothes to highlight her body. She prefers to wear more simple pieces and often goes one size larger.
  • Your wardrobe is worth the investment. It was not expensive, but her wardrobe is. Victoria prefers fewer pieces than she can wear, less expensive options. It is possible to achieve her look with a smaller budget.
  • Keep your skirts below the knee and shorten them to midi lengths. Although she was famous for showing off her legs in miniskirts during her Spice Girl days as Spice Girl, VB now wears skirts that are just below the knee or a midi length ending at the calf.
  • Do not over-accessorize. Victoria prefers to let her clothes speak for themselves. It’s not surprising, considering she is often dressed in Victoria Beckham. Although her jewellery is minimalist, she may wear a watch with a masculine style.
  • Learn how to layer. She adds interest by wearing a turtleneck under a dress.
  • Menswear can inspire you. Victoria prefers a relaxed silhouette, so it is no surprise that she frequently wears menswear-inspired pieces such as boyfriend blazers and tuxedo pants.
  • Be classic, but be open to new trends. Victoria is all about the details. She currently wears flat-top, bang-on-trend sunglasses that instantly update her look.
  • You can choose monochrome, neutral, or colour block. Victoria is a master of colour blocking. She also loves a monochrome look from top to toe in different shades of the exact hue.
  • Coordinate. She isn’t a fan of wearing too many patterns. Coordinates are an exception. You can match your top with pants or a skirt. Victoria prefers a pyjama-style cot.
  • You can wear sunglasses with anything!


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