What do kids wear to weddings?

Even if the wedding is open to children, taking your child to one can be nerve-wracking. To minimize tantrums, leave your child at home and have a babysitter if possible. When you look back on photos in the future, you won’t remember the arguments, eye rolls, and bargaining involved in getting her dressed. You will smile at her preciousness.

Babies and Toddlers

If the wedding is not formal, you can dress a boy wearing dark pants, collared shirts, and in cooler months, a sweater vest. A bow tie is cute, but a boy will likely not approve of a clip-on. For formal events, you should only wrestle him into a suit. A girl should wear a light-coloured dress and tights for a formal event. For a cold-weather or dressy wedding, a pink dress and tights are appropriate. While a summer event requires a sundress with a coordinating headband and a pattern, a girl should wear a fluffy, loose-fitting dress. For a toddler walking on her own, dress shoes are necessary. However, an infant can wear her most comfortable slippers or soft shoes as she won’t be on her feet. If the wedding is not too far away, it’s a good idea to buy clothes in a larger size. You will find your little one happier wearing slightly larger clothes than they are.

Preschoolers through Preteens

It’s likely appropriate for a wedding if your child is in school. A boy should wear dark pants and a collared shirt. And, yes, he is old enough to wear a tie. You can convince him to wear a suit jacket for a formal wedding. Help a girl pick out a skirt-and-blouse or sundress-and-cardigan combination. Let a girl wear a princess-style, fluffy skirt while she is young. Young girls can wear white, but they should not look like a mini-bride.


Your teen child cannot use the excuse that “I’m just a kid” during her teen years. You can dress her with the same degree of formality as you. To attend a wedding, a boy should dress like his father. For a wedding, a suit and tie with dress shoes are appropriate. However, a boy can wear a casual outfit for daytime events or beach weddings. A tuxedo is required for black-tie weddings. It should not be difficult for your teen girl to wear a modest cocktail or sundress. Teen girls might view this as an opportunity for their first pair of heels. However, it would be best to encourage her to wait until she is ready to wear them. She might feel a little dizzy and uncomfortable if she doesn’t have any previous experience with heels. She will be more comfortable in heels or flats with sparkly details.

Children at the Wedding

However, before buying an outfit for your child’s role in the wedding ceremony, don’t expect the bride or parents to pay for the child’s outfit. According to Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette, the parents of the junior wedding party member must pay.

A flower girl usually wears a pastel or knee-length white dress. The bride may prefer that the ring bearer or junior man of honour wear a suit that matches the grooms. An older girl may be invited to be a junior maid of honour. She might order a dress that matches the dresses of her bridesmaids. Be aware that the chosen bridesmaid might be too seductive for your pre-teen or teen. Get the bride’s approval before you buy an age-appropriate dress. You can also hire a sewist who will adjust the dress to fit your child’s requirements.


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