What to Wear with Red Pants?

Let’s talk about what shirts you can wear with red pants to bold your fashion choices. We have all seen black and white in our lives. Flashy colours are in fashion now, and red pants are the best. The shirt and the red pants combo will make you stand out in the crowd, whether it’s for an important meeting at work or a casual day with friends. Read on to see the many innovative ways you can style this outfit.

The Key Takeaways

  • Flashy colours are hot right now, and red pants are the best.
  • You will stand out from the crowd with a button-down shirt or tank top paired with red pants.
  • Whether attending a business meeting or a casual luncheon, red pants can be worn anywhere.

How to Style Red Pants


: 10 Fashion Ideas

Whether attending a business meeting or a casual luncheon, red pants can be worn anywhere. Here are some outfit options that you can try.

Red Pants with a Black and White Striped Top

Pairing red pants with a black and white stripe T-shirt is a smart idea if you’re starting to wear them. This makes a great office outfit. The T-shirt can be swapped for a sleeveless turtleneck or a long-sleeved sweater. Add red pumps to complete the look.

Red Pants and a Blue Shirt with High Waisted, High-Waisted Sides

High-waisted pants are hot right now. These trousers create a flattering silhouette that will instantly elevate your style quotient. Wear them with a light blue button-down shirt and tuck it in.

Red Leather Pants and a One-Shoulder top

Are you unable to make dinner plans but don’t want to exert any effort? Red leather pants, a white top with a one-shoulder and red pumps are all you need. In less than five minutes, you can be ready for dinner. Red lipstick is a must!

Red Pants and Printed Shirt

A pair of trousers at least ankle length and a shirt with a print shirt will let you express your geek side. Put your hair up in a bun, and add black pumps or sunglasses. For an extra touch, you can add a sling bag.

Red Pants and Striped Shirt

You can experiment with patterns and subtly move away from the norm. A long, striped shirt can be paired with your red tapered pants. Add a wide belt in black to tie your waist to elevate the look.

Red Palazzos And Black Top

Bohemian style is possible by ditching your regular, fitted pants. This boho-chic look can be achieved by pairing red palazzos and a simple black top with a red stole. This vibe can be paired with a silk scarf or a floral pashmina.

Red Culottes And Tan Sweater

Try something different and let go of the traditional formal attire. A pair of red ankle-length pants and a muted tan sweater make this look sophisticated and elegant. This outfit can be completed with a pair of kitten heels or a cute little bun.

Red Cigarette Pants and Black Crew Neck

You can still look stylish in high-street fashion, but not too flashy. This look is great for a black crew neck sweater, bodysuit or bodysuit with red cigarettes pants and ankle strap heels.

Tapered trousers and a crop top

It would help if you tried this matching crop top and trousers look. This look screams party, but not too loud or flashy. This look can be achieved with no accessories. You will need a clutch and pumps to complete the look.

Red Checkered Trousers and Tank Top

Plaid is a staple in my life. Instead of wearing a skirt or shirt, wear red plaid pants. It can be styled with a white shirt, a crop top or Converse. This is street style at its best!


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