What’s the reason for your lip breakouts


What are Lip Pimples ? Lip Pimples: Causes and Prevention How to Treat Lip Pimples Takeaway Frequently asked questions.

Pimples are common in many places, but some areas can be more painful. Lip pimples are a particular problem. They can be painful and annoying.

You’ll be reminded every time you speak, smile, chew or yawn about the inflammation, which has appeared out of nowhere and is not going away.

We spoke to Dr. Joshua Zeichner of Mount Sinai Hospital, the Director of Cosmetic & Clinical Research in Dermatology, to better understand these annoying blemishes. He shares his tips on how to treat lip pimples and why they may persist.


What are Lip Pimples?

Lip pimples look and feel like other pimples, forming for the same reasons. Zeichner says that “pimples tend to be more common around the lips because of their high concentration and size.”

Oil gets trapped in the pores, causing acne-causing bacteria to grow. This leads to red, painful bumps. They are more painful in this area because we move our mouths and lips so much.

These bumps can be red or pink and may or may have a head. They are not to be confused with Cold Sores as they have a different appearance and cause. Although they initially may feel similar, it is usually easy to distinguish between them.

Zeichner clarifies that cold sores usually begin with a burning, stinging feeling, followed by clusters of small blisters. Some patients develop clear blisters, but others may have pus-filled bumps. Cold sores and pimples can both be caused by the same virus.

Lip pimples can also be red and inflamed, but on closer inspection, they are “usually just a single red bump.” Lip pimples can affect both men and women.

Lip Pimples: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Lip pimples, in most cases, are caused by the same bacteria that clogs pores on the rest of the body. This is especially true for spots found within the T zone. Lip pimples are not different from other types of pimples. They have a different look and feel because they are in an area that is constantly used. (Rather than “resting” on your cheek or nose.

Common Causes

  • Sugars and Starches – Since they are around the mouth area, it is only natural to assume that what we eat could contribute to pimples. In a sense, this is true. Zeichner clarifies that “contrary to popular opinion, oily and greasy food is not the cause for acne breakouts. It’s really sugars and starsches.”
  • The Grease and Oil from Food in Your Mouth. Eating greasy foods might not cause breakouts on the inside (as sugars and starches can), but they may cause external breakouts if the grease and oil come into contact with lips and surrounding areas. Lip pimples are a different story. Sugars and starches may cause breakouts because of their internal effects, but oily or greasy food may be the external culprit. This is because the “oily and greasy” foods can physically block pores and cause breakouts.
  • Hair Removal Hair removal can also cause lip pimples. According to Zeichner’s advice, plucking or waxing around your mouth can lead to inflammation in the follicles, which can then promote breakouts.
  • Products you’re using: Your skincare products and cosmetics may also be contributing factors. You should be cautious when using lip-only products if you tend to break out around your mouth. They may hydrate the lips, but they can block pores if they get on the skin.


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