Women Need to Try Post Quarantine for Office Styles

We have lost the need to dress up as we adjust to our new lifestyle and work from home. Dressing up to work every morning was an important part of our daily routine. We might as well carry on this tradition post-quarantine and get productive. You might find it difficult to return to your jeans after spending weeks in comfy PJs and hoodies.

We have your back, ladies! We have some styling tips for you, so stay with us until the end. These styling tips will help you create the perfect look for a glamorous entrance back at the office. Let’s start by sharing some of our favourite office outfits and looks.

Solid Jumper with Jeans

If you don’t feel like wearing trousers, this is a more casual look. Jeans are the most comfortable option. A poppy-coloured jumper is a good choice. Jeans have been a wardrobe staple because they can be paired with any top, making them casual but stylish.

Style Tip: For a sporty look, wear sneakers or boots with this outfit.

Maxi Skirt With Black Turtle Neck Tops

Maxi skirts are versatile and can be worn with any outfit. These full-length skirts are a must-have for almost everyone. A maxi skirt with a printed pattern is great for brunch or parties. A black turtle neck top can be worn with the skirt to create a balanced look. Tie your hair in a messy bun when wearing turtle necks. This complements the outfit.

Styling tip: Tie the top in a knot or tuck it under the skirt to create a defined waistline.

Brown Trousers with White T-shirt

This outfit is simple and elegant. It is great for both casual outings as well as office wear. You can add a gold pendant choker and some minimalistic rings to give it a polished look. Light brown cigarette pants are a good choice. Tie the T-shirt or pull it in loosely. To achieve a vintage look, add a leather belt to your look. Layered bracelets are also an option.

Styling tip: Consider three factors when choosing the right T-shirt: The fit, the material, and the neck. Your body type and preferences will also play a role in the selection.

Shirt Dress, Shift Dress

These dresses are extremely comfortable and make a great choice for loungewear. These dresses are perfect for summer heat as they have a relaxed feel. Thanks to the unique colours and prints, you will find a wide range of shirt dresses. A minimalist layered necklace and simple earrings will create a chic look.

Style Tip: To complete the look, you can add some heels and a matching bag.

Mix-Matched Blazers and Trousers

This formal look is for you if you love wearing blazers with your everyday trousers. This look can be achieved by wearing three pieces of clothing, including a blazer and trousers and a solid crop top. Pair basic black or white crop tops with contrast blazers and trousers. You can experiment with your look by trying different sizes. This will allow you to create various looks for your Instagram posts.

Style Tip: Style the blazer with vintage high-waisted flare jeans and a solid T-shirt for a unique look.

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