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How To Set #Goals You'll Actually Achieve

Everybody sets #goals at the beginning of the year and even if they say don’t they’re probably lying, because looking back on the year that was there’s always something that people would like to improve on, or at least something worth trying to work harder at.

Which is why over at Rebel Muse HQ, it got us thinking… what were our #goals for 2016 going to be? And what did we actually want to achieve?

Obviously one of our main goals was to talk about having/making goals before the year disappeared (and before you even start, March is totes an appropes month to set your #goals…the first two months are always trial months.)

And even though we could have put together a comprehensive list filled with our ever-expanding to-do’s for you to read (and yawn) over, we thought we’d put together a different set of #goals for you to stalk.

#Goals that are based on people we'd like to be and fashion things we’d probably never actually achieve, but still would like to try and imaginatively aim for (like growing longer legs so midi skirts and dresses don’t end up being full length… #shortgirlproblems.)

Because you know what? Goal setting doesn’t always have to be strict. This year, let’s throw caution to the wind and make our #goals fun (and let's also make some up). That way if we fail, we won’t feel so bad.

Buuuut in case you actually might want to make (and achieve) some real #goals this year we’ve also put together five simple rules that always help us, that will help you succeed too!

Motivation: You need to find something to aim for that motivates you. Something that you’re actually excited about striving for rather than something you think you ‘need’ to do.

Be specific: Be clear with your goals, think about where you want to end up. Anything too vague won’t work.

Give yourself a deadline: Working towards a deadline will most likely help you set things in motion a little quicker.

Get it down in writing: If you don’t write it down you’ll probably forget. Plus, writing stuff down always makes goal setting so much more real and tangible, which really means you can’t forget. Unless you forget where you wrote your #goals down. Oooops.

Stick with it! It’s true that if you really want to achieve something you won’t quit until you get there. Goal setting is an ongoing activity not just a means to an end. Make time to review where you’re at and where you’d like to be.


Now back to our fun #goals.

Everything we’d like to achieve this year is below. We know we wont achieve any of these but they might make us feel better at the end of the year, if our real #goals don’t go to plan. 

We’d like to not wear a bra as often (those mini jails!) maybe we could embrace the whole side boob thing a little more too…even though it might not always be appropriate with DD’s (hellooooo our #girlboss, Alicia!) 

If Angelina and Brad Pitt could adopt us for a week that would work for us.

Maybe this year we’ll also pretend it isn’t cold during winter and make like Carrie Bradshaw, who trapezes around NYC obvs. never feeling the temperature.

Let’s have a sleepover in Miroslava Duma’s wardrobe.

And touch a strand of Kendall Jenner’s new blonde hair

Ohhhhh and let's win the lottery (but million dollar lottery, not the two dollar kind). 

If Louboutin heels could just be comfortable so we could walk around in them all day, that'd be fab. 

Can we aim to hold on to that ‘first sip of coffee in the morning’ feeling – forever too…is that even a thing?

Leo on Oscars night. Let’s just be him.

And ummm, let’s make more time for spaghetti this year... and don't forget to write that down! 

Images: Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us how do you set goals you want to achieve? 


Little List Of Mine:

This is awesome. Damn those mini jails!

Mar 10, 2016

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