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How to make your work place feel like home

We know that our work desk is not our home although (honestly) we sure do spend a lot of time there. So even though we don’t really want to be moving in on a permanent basis, or be chaining ourselves to our desks… some days we have to. Which is why it pays to add our own creature comforts to our work areas – then at least it feels more like home on those days we need it most.

Have your own coffee/tea stash

A coffee stash is a must to any work area. Tea is also acceptable. Actually any form of caffeine will work, and as long as you stock your fave. we promise you (and your co-workers) that your work place will remain a happy 'home like' place at all times. We also recommend letting your close work peeps know what type of coffee you like to drink and maybe (if you’re really fussy about your coffee) where you like to go (and the back up place that you like to drink coffee at…just in case). Bonus points for stocking hot chocolate too.

Style your desk staples

So work can be a little bit boring, but when you’re having a bad day it can suck to the max. Which is why we recommend styling up your workspace staples like you would accessories in your home (to at least make them nice to look at.) Why have boring old yellow post it notes when people now make them in marble? The same goes with office staples like desk lamps, staplers and paper clips. Opt for playful versions and your desk will guarantee to help kick things up a notch when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. 

Add some plant/flower life to the mix

The same way flowers and lush greenery brings your home to life, adding some to your workspace will bring that to life too. And if you’re worried about keeping lush green plants alive, succulents work well. Plus they’re easy to maintain in air-conditioned spaces. You really don’t have to do anything to them. Although if flowers are more your thing buy a vase and it’ll help you get started (because who wants to be staring at an empty vase all week?) 

Have different pairs of shoes (especially flats!) on hand

You have a bunch of different pairs of shoes to get changed into at home so it only pays to have some staples at your desk too. Especially flats (if wearing heels all day isn’t your thing). Taking your shoes off (with clean feet) while you work will also offer you instant relaxation. Prob. not best if you work in a super corporate environment, but if you have a more relaxed/casual office environment then dooooo it! Also; a pair of gym shoes are a must too – for those days you’re lucky enough to fit some exercise into your day (or at least inspire you to).


Start a photo collection

Mood boards are a great way to keep you inspired while you work, but having some pics of your loved ones on hand will also make your work space feel more ‘homely’ too. Frame your fave. photo, pop up inspiring quotes, or even a wanderlust pic to take you to a better place when you're having a sh!tty day.Trust us, images you love will inspire motivation – stat. 

Make yourself comfy

Now we don’t want to tell you to make yourself so comfy you fall asleep at your desk, BUT we do think it’s important to bring in a few creature comforts from your home that will help you relax while you work. Maybe you know that your work air conditioning system sucks so a warm blanket to wrap around yourself (or slippers) as the seasons change are a must? Or maybe candles (if allowed) are more your thing? Candles can add a luxe vibe to your workspace too. Although be sure to invest in sleek and yum smelling ones. (We love: Diptyque, Palm Beach and Glasshouse fragrances). Also; a pillow to rest on – or is that taking comfy too far? You decide.

Images: Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what do you do to make your workspace feel like home?

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