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How To Shop Online Without Having To Send Anything Back

Shopping online is where it’s at. Seriously, what can beat stalking our fave. e-boutiques and retailers wearing active wear from the comfort of our couch, or bed. Add a glass of vino at the end of the day, or a coffee first thing in the morning and it’s heeeeeaven.

Of course we can’t forget the added amazing feeling of when all our online orders actually arrive at our door and everything fits perfectly! Although how often does that tend to happen?

The whole gift for ourselves arriving part is amazing right? But sending stuff back is…not that amazing. Which is why we thought we’d put together a few simple tips that might help you when shopping for clothes online – so you don’t have to send anything back. 

Because sending stuff back is saaaaaah annoying.

Plus, with so many different brands changing the sizing and measurements of their clothes all the time a few extra shopping tips can’t hurt.

So if you’re online shopping life is more confusing than happy, let’s chat below about how we can change that – stat!

Measure yourself

We know it’s annoying having to check your measurements, although if you’re buying clothes from a brand you’ve never worn before it’s a pretty vital step you need to take. Most online outlets list their measurements now anyway, so there’s no excuse. If you struggle taking your own measurements ask a gal pal, or your partner to help. Really, you only need to do it once and save them in your phone somewhere. (That way you can shop online whenever, wherever – obvs.)

Stalk online reviews, style blogs and ask your BFF’s 

Today more than ever ladies are sharing anything and everything via social media, clothes included. So if you’re buying a branded item and want a review, try popping it into a Google search and see what comes up - you might be surprised. Fashion bloggers also often tend to say what size they’re wearing in certain items and if they don’t you could always ask to get and idea. (Hellooo Instagram help a lady out!) For fast fashion items that are a little more common (like ASOS) you could always ask your girlfriends what size they were. Especially if they’re usually a similar size to you, or you borrow each other’s clothes! Plus everyone’s shopped on sites like ASOS before, so someone is likely to know something that might help. 

Chat to customer service/ email brands for help

A lot of online stores now have customer service pop ups offering help as soon as you log on and while you might think it’s a little annoying if you’ve just logged online for a stalk (or to add a bunch of things to cart that you’ll never commit to buying) they’re actually super handy to chat to when you do want to buy something. And don’t forget about the ‘contact us’ section at the bottom of sites! Emailing for help takes two secs. and most stores should usually respond within 24 hours.

Go a size up then visit your tailor

Have you left buying a dress for your part-ay this weekend a little too late? Or after taking your measurements do you think you might be in between sizes? Then buy a size up and take it to your tailor to make it fit perfectly – simple.

Take notes! 

Once you’ve figured out your size for different stores and/or brands take notes! Jot the info down somewhere so you don’t forget what you bought in what size (maybe make sure your partner doesn’t see) and voila, the next time you buy from the same brand or store you’ll be way more prepared.

We hope that helps!

Images: Pinterest: Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi 

Tell us can you shop online without having to send anything back? What are your tips?

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