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Autumn/Winter Hair Colour Trends 2016

A change of season, comes with more than just a change of clothes. There’s a change of hair colour too (and with that comes a change of beauty products and colours we can wear – it’s the circle of life).

Anyway, it’s nice to do something different as well, right? Especially for all of us Gen Y types, that get bored doing anything for more than 30 seconds. Plus the cooler weather is likely to change our skin tone, which is even more of a reason to change our hair colour. Why? Because that golden, warm hue you’ve been sporting all summer long might not suit your new paler (sad face) skin come winter.

But there’s no need to make a drastic change a la Kimmy K or Kendall Jenner from brunette to blonde. In fact the best (and safest) way to update your look is to shift one-two shades from your natural colour, that way you can change it back easily, when you get bored.

So what hair colour trends are on the horizon for autumn/winter 16? Let’s chat about them below.

Honey blonde and creamy yellows
If you’ve been sporting a brighter blonde or platinum through summer but aren’t ready to go too dark through autumn/winter, honey blondes and creamy yellows can tone things down a notch to suit the weather without being too drastic. 

Bronde continues to be a trend that’s here to stay. It’s basically a combination of blonde and brown hair (hence the name) so is perfection for ladies who are teetering on the edge of either blonde, or lighter brown locks. It’s a colour that will suit a wide range of people too and for some it can be as easy to create as adding a few extra highlights to their natural colour. 

Cool brunettes/auburns
If you want to update a brunette shade this season, go for colours like chestnut browns, or auburns with warm undertones rather than highlights. Buuut if you’ve got your heart set on highlights, the best way to do it is to opt for light golden strands woven in towards the ends. Subtltey is key this winter, plus it’s super chic.


Blackest of blacks
The signature Kardashian deep black hair hue is set to be big this winter. It’s also simple and perfect for ladies who are lovers of low maintenance beauty routines.

 Images: Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, how are you planning on changing your hair this autumn/winter 16?  

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