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Copy: French Girl Style

Our love for French girl style runs deep (so deep), they have a je ne sais quoi that is the epitome of ‘I woke up like this,’ although much more ‘I woke up…AND LIVE like this – always’.

It’s the type of cool that they were born with and one that we can try and master by following a few simple style rules.

You see copying French girl style doesn’t need to be hard. Sure they look like they don’t wear makeup, their clothes are minimal and jewellery? Pffft. Why even bother. But there is an art to their look that has so much more to do with style than meets the eye.

It’s about their being and really, an IDGAF attitude that goes with. It’s about embracing imperfections, wearing clothes that suit them, owning a perfume that lingers well after they're gone, but most importantly it’s about working with what their mama gave them.

They’re au natural baby! And even if they’re not, they look and act it – that’s the key. They’re mysterious which makes them more alluring and is all the more reason that makes us want to copy they’re style stat.

So how can we do that? Well, we can try by following a few simple steps below.

Find strength in your imperfections
Forget about looking perfect, French girl style isn’t about that. It’s about embracing who you are with confidence. Love it, own it. Always. 

Find your signature scent (and wear it all the time)
Every lady needs to adopt a perfume they love and call it their own. It’s about wearing it and letting it linger long after you leave the room... or past people you’re walking on the street. The perfume isn’t just a scent for the French woman, it’s a memory and a must. 

Stop worrying and learn to rock the IDGAF attitude - about everything
Are you running late? Let it go and rock up like you’re on time. Who really gives a F. Don’t waste your time worrying about the small things. Life’s too short. That’s the Parisian way.

Learn to know what clothes suit you – don’t follow trends
French women tend to have a very simple, casual, chic style. But you know what? They know what suits them and they work with their body shape. Learn to let go of trends, stop being influenced by social media and find what suits you. 

Also; according to the book ‘How to be Parisian wherever you are’ (which is another must have for your coffee table) you would never find a French lady wearing any of the following: logos, nylon polyester, viscose, vinyl, three inch heels, blingy jeans and skimpy tops… so chuck, chuck, chuck!

Learn to indulge
What did we say earlier about letting go of the little things? Indulging in life’s little luxuries are what make life worth living. Coffee, pastries and wheels of delicious cheese….are a must, in small, delicate amounts of course. Your IDGAF attitude must combine with your IDGAF look. Unfortunately you can’t have one without the other and that’s the only way that you can make this French girl style work.

Images: Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what do you love about a French woman's style? 

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