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Our First Birthday Party!

You know we might get a little emotional writing this post. Our little baby, Rebel Muse turned one last week and we were just so proud to see how much she’s grown.

Although we couldn’t have done it without you, our babies godparents/loyal customers. So thank you! We are very lucky to have such wonderful and loving godparents (who love our baby just as much as we do) in our lives and we couldn’t feel more #blessed.

Plus we’re also so pumped that you love clothes, fashion and all things fun (like this blog!) like we do. So we’re basically kindred spirits.

(Ps. Hasn’t Canberra been crying out for a store like Rebel Muse for years! Where the heck were we shopping before? What was that life! Lucky it now seems like a long, faded memory from a nightmarish past. Au revoir bad shopping life and BONJOUR beautiful new designer clothes filled life…don’t tell our partners.)

Anyway, now onto a funner topic! Our first birthday… which we should’ve been writing about at the start, but like the doting parents that we are, we got caught up and distracted by the beautiful-ness of our baby (she’s cute right? Look at her again! LOOK!)

Also check out our mega #girlboss lady babe Alicia. What a beautiful mum! Naaaaaw. (How did her body bounce back like that right!? So jelly.)


Anyhoo, so last week was our big birthday bash and even though we really wanted to organise a jumping castle, some face painting and petting zoo the logistics of actually hiring all that stuff at night was really hard (parents take note!), so we went for the following instead.

First up, we organised a media, customer, faaaashion blogger VIP night which was so excitedly hosted by P.E Nation active wear designers and mega babes Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning. The bubbles were flowing (provided by Mount Majura Winery) and a hunky man (provided by Victoria’s Models) was there to pour it for all our guests and ourselves (which we obvs. couldn’t do because we were shopping.) Plus, Pip and Claire were on call to personally style outfits, so we had a lot going on.

Also; we were busy mingling/talking about how comfy P.E Nation is to wear and discussing how we’re so lucky right now that active wear has become a core staple for our wardrobes, both for day and night. (Life at that one moment in time was heaven.)

But the night didn’t end there. No way Jose, it was just beginning!

(Our sexy team above)

Because after that mingling/champagne drinking bit of the night finished, we trotted on over (in a very lady like manner) to one of our most beloved restaurants Eighty Six to nom all the food (helllooooo nine course degustation!), eat all the cake (provided by Canberra Cake designer Pip and Lou) and of course, keep drinking champagne and chatting all things faaaashion.

Our place settings though! We need to chat about those. Because when we arrived each of our amazing guests were seated with personalised name tags and gift bags featuring vouchers from Rebel Muse, Brow Lab, Battlelashes more cake by Pip and Lou (YES, more cake) and of course floral display by our fave. florists Moxom and Whitney.

It was a pretty fab way to start the night.

Our emcee of the night, Canberra fashionista Sarah Kelly, then helped get things started…while we all waited for our delish food to arrive like hangry little piggies.

Soooo….then we ate some food, drank more champagne and in between each course we were even all lucky enough to quiz Pip and Claire on their new label, how they manage their day to day lives as working mums (and also, the secret to getting Pip’s hair.)

It was killer. Plus, both ladies made us all laugh with their anecdotes, life lessons and of course advice about the fashion industry, which our brains and ears lapped up as quickly as we finished our food.

But we think one of our guests might’ve had more fun than the rest of us, when at the end of the night she nabbed Pip’s jacket off her back. Which Pip then signed.

Ummmmm score.

Then we just ate more cake (seriously), drank more champagne, ate more food and our lady boss Alicia once again thanked all of our amazing customers who we couldn’t do any of this without. 

It was a beautiful night, one that took a great deal of planning and a few sleepless nights. 

*wipes away tears*

(Also; next year we will organise a jumping castle and a petting zoo fo’ sure!)

Ps. Thank you for loving Rebel Muse, helping us during our first year of business and we can’t wait to have you all along for the ride for many more business years to come.

Love you babez XOXO

Images: Vision24 Photography; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, have you managed to grab yourself a piece of P.E Nation? What do you love about Rebel Muse? 



What a fantastic read!!! My cheeks are sore from smiling as I read this post! It was honestly the best night of 2016, it will take a lot to top a night like that. Happy birthday again Rebel Muse, so glad i met you <3

Apr 29, 2016

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