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Rebel Muse Presents:  How to Style Shirts

Heya muses, we're super excited to welcome you today to our very first 'How to styling video', with Rebel Muse owner, buyer, stylist, manager and everything else in between Alicia Xyrakis. 

In this video we'll be teaching you not only how to style a humble shirt, but also why it's more than important to add one to your wardrobe too, because it's a staple that every lady needs. 

As this is a first of many fun styling videos to come we'd also love to know if there are any styling requests, or fashion how to's that you'd like us to cover? Your wish is our command! Tell us what you need help with in the comments below and let's get all those fash. questions sorted. 

But for now, let's sit back, relax and learn how to take our shirts to the next level. And don't forget you can shop all the looks below. YES!

Enjoy X

Look One 

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Look Two 
Macgraw Jockey Shirt - $425.00
Macgraw Steeple Skirt - $525.00

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Macgraw Tile Silk Shirt - $345.00


Look Three
Allume Leather Leggings - $890
Third Form Transcend Shirt - $199.00
Pixie Scarf in Black/double white by IDA Faux Fur - $300.00 Sold out on Rebel Muse (still avail. at IDA Faux Fur)
Jaggar Footwear Hypnotic Heel in Red - $269.95

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Photography: Laura Marii, Videography: Angus McGuigan, Model: Lisa Clark, Makeup: Amelia Singson, Hair: Lexi Bannister, Stylist: Gerard Wilton; All talent booked through TheRight.Fit; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us what type of styling video would you like us to put together next?



We LOVE this collaboration, excited to do more with you!! Lisa is the ‘the right fit’ :) I always struggle with styling work attire during winter – can you do one on corporate wardrobes & still being chic/sophisticated without getting lost in black on black? Kate xx

May 26, 2016

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