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Our Fave. Insta Accounts: May 16

It's almost the end of another fashion filled month, and what a month right! We've run around around #MBFWA 16 Sydney, put together our very first 'styling vlog' for you all, and have even popped up a bunch of new winter stock for you too. 

And if that wasn't enough, we've still managed to get our fashion-y Insta stalk on as well. So do you need new inspo for your feed? Below are a bunch of Instagram accounts we've been obsessing over this month.

#Follow #Follow #Follow...

Double Trouble are a new label we have landing in store, which we’re not only super excited about, but wanted to share with you their Insta account too - because it’s a heap of fun! Double Trouble make cute embroidered jumpers, T.shirts, underwear and can even custom make you something if that’s more your style? Although their fleece-y jumpers are what we have coming in (and really what all our winter lounge-y dreams are crying out for.) Anyway, their Insta account is like a hark back to the 90’s. Think young Leo, Winona, coupled with pop culture TV/movie vibes and a heck of lot of pink. If anything it’ll make you reminisce about your yesteryears. Watch out for this label landing in our store soon!

You’ve probably already seen Lichipan images floating all over your feed. Whether posted by her, or by another account her Insta is to die. Plus it’ll make you want to travel overseas/eat ice cream/all the food stat. She’s essentially a travel and lifestyle blogger but has a masters in architecture too and you can tell by her images, because her eye to detail is hard to match. Ice-cream, florals, breakfast, bed and food. Her account is basically everything that makes Instagram, Instagram and it’s so beautifully curated and styled.

Brooke Testoni is a creative director, blogger, stylist (slashie to the max) and her account is filled with way more styling and outfit inspo than you could poke a stick at. Her style is classic, although unlike many classic black/grey/white type bloggers she incorporates a little colour into her styling choices too! Which, right now as we head into winter we def. need to stalk. Plus, it’s linked to her blog, which she updates weekly with personal style updates, creatives who inspire her, as well as a ton of influential photos she saves on the daily.

You know how you’d like for Insta to sometimes just entertain you? Like ‘show me some new stuff already I’m bored!’ type of entertainment? Then jump aboard The Cool Hunter account. Run by Founder Bill Tikos it celebrates all the random cool shiz that the internet has to offer. Today its website has actually become one of the most read culture and design sites in the world and its Insta has more then 560K followers too. (Prob peeps that really wanted to be entertained.) Although this account isn't about being on trend, following trends, or starting them. Instead it's about creativity and showcasing everything that is beautiful about fashion, pop culture, architecture, technology and more. 

This account is run by Brydie Mack a creative director, photographer and stylist based in Sydney. Her Insta is a collection of images of lady fashion babes all put together in her very minimally aesthetic (albeit artistic) way. Her account is raw, fun and celebrates the stylish female form in every which way. As ladies, we follow more ladies for stylish, fitspo inspo - no? So let's add this one to our feeds.  

Images: Instagram; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what Instagram accounts have you been loving this month?

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