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Winter Nail Trends To Try Now

Switching up our nail polish colours as the seasons change is hands down one of our favourite things to do. New nail colours are also the perfect thing to buy on your lunch break when you know you really shouldn’t be buying anything new.

Plus there are so many new releases all the time, changing your nail polish colour is an easy trend to jump aboard. Although, with so many popping up all over the place it can also be quite overwhelming, no? Especially when you’re trying to to find a shade best suited to your skin tone.

Alison Bowhill-Hayes, Sally Hansen Nail Expert, says that when looking for a shade to suit your skin tone matching it to the colour of your wrist will help you find the perfect one; while reds are universally flattering shades that everyone can wear.

“I love red, everyone can wear it, just check that it’s the correct hue or tone, there are cool reds and warm reds so again, choose the one that looks best against your wrist when you hold the bottle there."

Although what colours are in for the season ahead?

Alison says, “this season is all about ruby rose, plum black, and caramel rich nudes. But I always think a fire engine red is handy to have on hand if you really want to make your nails pop. Nude colours work best if you want to be understated and neat.”

And for those of us that are a little tired of the nude bandwagon (that has been around for what feels like a century of seasons) Alison recommends switching it up to greys this winter instead.

“Learn to love grey! Some are cool like concrete and some warm like taupe so they will suit most skin tones and match all outfits. They’ll definitely work as a neutral - but they’re not a nude and will go from day to night with elegance!"

Also; for many of us who love to change our nail colours on the weekly, shellac, or just really like to invest some love and devotion to our nail routine, then you’ll also know how important it is to invest some TLC into your nail health too. In order to maintain their strength and keep them looking fresh. 

And how can we best do that?

Alison advises, “keep your nails trimmed to no more than one mm over the free-edge, always file after clipping, don't over buff and remember less is more. I also recommend avoiding shellac or acrylics as they weaken the natural nail plate. My best kept secret though, is to apply Vitamin E oil nightly for smooth neat cuticles and strong healthy nails. It stimulates blood flow, hydrates and heals/repairs damage so it should be your nails best friend in winter.”

So there you have it ladies. Now tis’ time to shop for our new nail winter wardrobe below!

Sally Hansen Birthday Suit - $14.95, stockist: 1800 812 663

Sally Hansen Camelflage - $14.95, stockist: 1800 812 663
OPI Russian Navy - $19.95
The Nail Lab Bryar - $15.00
OPI Livin The Grey - $19.95 (on shelf July 2016)
Sally Hansen Greyfitti - $16.95, stockist: 1800 812 663


Images: Sally Hansen, The Nail Lab, OPI, Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what are some of your go-to winter nail colours?

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