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What To Buy, Cull, Keep This Winter

Winter can be a tricky season to navigate in the fashion world. We’re bombarded with a whole heap of new stuff to buy, but staple winter colours like black, white, grey, navy and items (like leather) always make a return.

Now don’t get us wrong, we love all of these colours and staple winter pieces. A lot of these are must haves for our wardrobes (and our life!) buuuuut they can also force us to accidentally keep buying a whole heap of the same thing.

Which is why winter can be the perfect time to give your wardrobe a makeover.

Plus, have you taken the time to look through some of the clothes in your wardrobe lately? It’s something we need to be doing often (at least every three months). Mostly just to figure out if you really need 10 stripey shirts that look almost identical.

So let’s give our wardrobes a refresh this season. Out with the old – in with the new!


Sometimes it helps calling a girlfriend or partner over to help you with this part, as it can be sad (and hard) to say goodbye. But once you’re done, you’re done and if you refresh your wardrobe often, the next time you do it won’t feel so overwhelming. Trust us, it’ll be quicker and much easier.

Although if you aren’t able to part with certain items (we’ve all been there) we suggest adopting a three-month rule. Don’t throw away those items you really, really love. Instead, pop them into a bag and store them away. Then revisit them in three months time. Did you miss them? Did you want to wear them again? Answer honestly. 

This season:
Get rid of double ups. Do you own ten pairs of black leggings? A gazillion stripey shirts? Chances are you love and wear your most recent items the most so let’s say goodbye to some of our sadder, older ones from seasons gone past. And throw them away with your winter blues! Just because the weather sucks doesn’t mean your attitude needs to as well.


Ok, keeping things is probably the easiest part of this whole process. Look at your stuff, do you love it? Do you wear it? Do you not own a lot of it? Then keep, keep, keep!

This season:
Keep your ankle boots. Clothes are easy to replace but finding a pair of good leather boots isn’t. Plus, they’re probably one of the most expensive items in your winter wardrobe so you have to think long and hard before you do say goodbye! (Of course, if you don’t own any you need to fix this little problem now!)


So we’ve gone over the fact that winter often tends to sell us very similar trends, but chances are we don’t own a little of all of them in our wardrobes. So take a peek and find out if you own a good pair of REAL leather leggings yet? An anorak? A leather jacket? A warm woollen knit...in all of the staple colours? Find out what it is your missing – then buy, buy, buy! It’s the winter rules. 

This season:
Alicia Xyraxis, Rebel Muse Owner, Stylist, Manager says, “If your wardrobe is missing a good leather jacket, this is the season to buy one. Updating your plain knits with chunky ones will also be on trend; and if you live anywhere that gets super cold investing in a good winter jacket is a big must. My fave. at the moment is the Macgraw Polo Anorak - $595.00 (below). It’s not only warm, but water and windproof too. It will carry you through all levels of freezing!”

Macgraw Polo Anorak - $595.00

Steele Poppy Knit Jacket - $289.00

Asilio Decadent Debut Biker Jacket - $499.95

Asilio Queen of Concrete Leather Jacket - $569.95

Asilio Revenant Knit Sweater - $239.95

Images: Rebel Muse, Asilio, Steele, Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us what are your favourite winter items? Are there any that you need to place a hold on buying?

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