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Five Colourful Travel Destinations To Visit

For most of us in Australia the middle of winter is normally the season to jet set somewhere warm. We mean, why not head off on a summer adventure if we can?

But if we can’t? Well, at least we can live vicariously through our phone (whilst simultaneously planning our next summer vacay – obviously.) Oh’ the joy of technology! Although there really isn’t anything like visiting the real thing.

So since it’s winter and the weather isn’t that crash hot we thought it’d be fun to round up some inspiring and colour filled cities to help us plan our next move. Plus with this weather we could all use a little more colour in our lives – no?

Havana, Cuba
Travelling to Havana in Cuba can best be described as travelling back in time. The whole city (if not country) is trapped in a time warp which makes it oh’ so fun to visit. Travel around in a bright 1950’s car (which trust us, can be more fun to look at than travel long distances in when it’s humid), stalk colourful colonial era-reconstruction, or jump into a salsa all night party marathon during the eve. Visiting this city will be unlike any other – but most importantly there’s next to no wifi – which can make for a much needed and real technology detox!

Chefchaouen, Morocco
Oh the blue city of Morocco, not only would it make for some killer photo opps, but it comes filled with a whole heap of history and stuff to do too. From hiking through its secluded terrain, bathing in mountain streams, shopping and of course – eating! There’s a reason that this city has become a die-hard tourist destination. Nestled in Morocco’s Rif Mountains it’s also a four hour drive from the main city of Fez so has managed to remain closed off to a great part of the world for almost half a millennium, which will make visiting even more of an adventure.

Burano, Venice
Venice is undoubtedly one of the most romantic cities in the world. It’s also one of the hardest to get around and one where you will most likely get lost. Soz. Although venturing out of Venice to the small town of Burano is also a must. Plus it’s filled with a whole heap technicolour houses that were originally painted to help distinguish one families’ property from another during fog season. (I.e. you’ll def. want to Snap – or Insty them.) But if the cute colourful houses aren’t enough to make you want to go, one of Jamie Oliver’s fave. Italian restaurants is also very conveniently situated there – Al Gato Nerro. So if you’re a seafood or pasta lover this place is a must! But be sure to make a booking.

Valparaiso, Chile
Santiago, Chile is probably one of the main portals for Aussies to venture into South America by, so if you’re planning to spend some time in Santiago during a trek to South America, then why not spend a couple of days in Valparaiso too? (Which is oh’ so different to the very ‘same, same capital city’ that Santiago is). Valparaiso is the cultural hub of Chile. Very artsy, hipster ...kind of like Melbourne. Famous poet Pablo Neruda once lived there as well, and you can see the art scene/boho vibes manifest themselves through the walls of the colourful homes. It’s very hilly though, which is why the funiculars, (seated elevators) that were created during the 1800’s still exist. Ride them up and down instead of walking. It’s fun.

If you’ve ever read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love then you probably know that weird ‘I need to book a trip to India,’ feeling you get when you finish reading the book. It usually comes coupled with the ‘I need to travel to Italy and Bali,’ feelings too. Although there are so many colourful places in this whole country, which makes this fun and culturally vibrant city the ultimate must. Visit the Valley of the Flowers during monsoon season, India’s blue city of Jodhpur or visit the country during Diwali an ancient Hindu festival that’s celebrated in autumn or spring every year and washes the whole country in an abundance of colour!


Images: National Geographic, Pinterest; Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, what is your favourite city to vacay to?

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