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2017 Makeup Trends

Dear 2016, thank you for the highlighting, the lip kits and the contouring but this year it's time we move on.

2017 in the makeup world seems to be taking a step back from the mega makeup face that has been on trend (hallelujah for everyone who doesn't have any time!) and moving more towards the less is more mentality.

But how? We sat down with Makeup Artist, Amelia Singson to give us the lowdown (and recommend us some killer products to boot!)


This year embracing the ‘less is more’ mentality and using complexion products in a minimalist fashion to enhance our skin rather than masking it is the way to go. While layering a thousand products over your skin, contouring it to within an inch of turning into a Kardashian then adding a hefty dose of pearlescent highlight is out. I mean… really. Try using a couple of products, instead of 20. Like a BB cream or a tinted moisturiser with a bit of concealer and a dab of cream cheek colour. This year it's time to let your skin really glow!

TRY: Chantecaille Just Skin - $105.00 

MAC Casual Cheek and Lip Colour - $28.70


I do love a sexy a carved out brow but I am so, so done with Instagram brows. You know the ones... brow pomade, plus pencil, plus powder then surrounded by concealer!  This year let’s strip it back a little. Brush those brows up and across, fill in the sparse areas with a pencil or powder (if you need) then set with some brow gel. Simple!

TRY: NYX Microbrow Pencil - $16.95

MAC Brow Set Clear - $28.00


Anyone who knows me, knows that my relationship with liquid eyeliner is a deep and real one BUT I do know that a cat eye isn’t always appropriate for every situation. When I want to enhance the eyes without committing to an obvious line, I take a kohl pencil and line the upper waterline underneath the lashes to open the eyes and add depth to the lash line. It's a little lighter and will be oh' so perfect for 2017!

TRY: Glide On Pencil, Urban Decay - $33.00


I have always loved lip colours that can withstand eating, drinking and talking but I hate my lips feeling dry. So a gel-based tint or stain for a softer, less severe look for the warmer months is ideal. Enough with the liquid matte lipsticks (for now). Embrace the shine and effortless beauty this year!

 TRY: MAC Versicolour Lip Stain - $45.00

Images: MAC, Mecca, Priceline; Words: Amelia Singson, Yadira Galarza Cauchi 

Tell us, what makeup trends are you currently loving?

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