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4 Steps To A Better Work Life

We all have good and bad days at work, but what sets apart a successful work life compared to a 'meh' average type of one? Jordan Momtazi our Global Head of E-Comms says that it comes down to two things: "consistently adding value through your work and building genuine relationships with the people around you."

So are you happy where you work?

Well, you should be (or at least you should be working towards a bigger, better work goal for the future) because hating on your work life can suck to the max - honestly, it is where we spend the majority of our time! (We know, we know, laying on a beach in St Tropez would be so much better, although sadly that's not our reality (in our next lives maybe?)

Instead, our reality is that most of us work 9-5 and because we really don't want it to suck, we've asked Jordan to talk us through four simple steps we can use to improve our work lives during the daily grind. 

(Ps. having an emergency chocolate stash on hand always helps).

Prioritise work projects based on the value it delivers to the greatest number of people
Most of us have too many things that need doing and not enough time in the day! It might sound obvious to focus on what is most 'important' but too often we get locked into work that seems urgent and not necessarily what delivers the most value to the business. We can get stuck in reactive mode and just reply to emails coming in and doing small tasks that our boss or colleagues ask of us.  Pause every now and then and ask yourself, "is this the most important thing I could be doing right now?" By consistently re-focussing in this way you'll start to deliver greater value in all areas of your life.  

Make other people look good (also known as the Canvas Strategy)
If you can help others around you succeed, particularly those you report too, then you become really valuable to those people. They in turn will recommend you for promotions and be eager to help you progress in your career. The added bonus is you'll feel great along the way because helping other has it's obvious personal rewards too.  It's hard sometimes because it will feel like others are taking credit for what you've done or suggested.  Know that ultimately you're adding value beyond yourself and the rewards will come back in a big way. (Karma) 

Take the time to get you know your colleagues
Real relationships are born out of genuine understanding and connection.  Learn how people think, what they value in and out of work and what their long term goals are.  If you can understand the people around you, you'll collaborate more effectively and the working environment will be much friendlier.  Don't just talk with people similar to you either.  Go out of your way to connect with colleagues who you might not associate with outside of work or come from a different background to your usual circle of friends.  Work can be a great place to learn about different perspectives and philosophies not just earn a salary.

Praise often and about something specific
A compliment that comes from the heart can be really powerful.  We live in a world filled with complaints and negative energy so if you feel someone deserves a compliment, don't feel weird about it, just give it!  You'll find the more you get used to giving real praise the more you feel a sense of gratitude too!  And gratitude is directly linked to our happiness.....Win Win. 

“I can live for two months on a good compliment.” - Mark Twain

These are just some of the ways we can help improve our work lives but these steps can also be used in any aspect of life.  All four steps are focused on our internal thinking and expression, which makes them easy to do once we put our minds to it.  Practice them all or focus on one at a time and let me know if they help progress you to the next stage of your career!

Images: Pinterest, VOGUE, Harper and Harley; Words: Jordan Momtazi, Yadira Galarza Cauchi

Tell us, do you have any tips that help you build a better work life?

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