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White Jeans: In For Spring

We’re so super excited to finally be launching our brand new Rebel Muse blog because not only will we be able to show you the fab items that have dropped in store way quicker than you can get there, but you will also be able to shop them online straight after – and you probably don’t even need to move.

Now how fab is that!

Whether you’re after precious style advice, a little inspiration, or maybe you just need someone to push you over the ‘OMG you can’t live without that’ edge, we will most happily do that for you here.

Because isn’t that what ladies are for?!

Plus, since spring is around the corner, do we really need any more shopping motivation than that? Because, hands up who’s been wearing a little too much black this season? We know we have. Although with warmer weather ahead we think it’s time we treat ourselves and try something new.

Which is the reason today we thought we’d chat about the white jean trend instead – because really, it’s not as scary as it seems. Plus, its quite transeasonal, which will works wonders with the moodiness of our cray weather at the moment.

Anyway, we know that for many, the thought of wearing white jeans might seem un-doable; actually, it might even seem quite frightening.

But with the right advice, the right style and the right fit we think it’s a trend that most people can pull off, as long as you find something to suit you.

So let’s chat styles and body shapes below; but remember you can always pop in get more advice in store!

Happy shopping x



  • Opt for cropped versions of white jeans as opposed to longer versions that can make your legs look shorter.
  • (Lucky gals) low, mid and even hi-rise will suit your small frame.

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Hourglass/fuller figures

  • Look for a higher-rise when shopping for jeans. This will elongate your body and hide any sections around your middle that you don’t want attention drawn to.
  • If you’re only slightly curvy you can opt for slimmer styles. Cropped versions will lengthen your legs although you can buy full-length versions and just roll them up if you need.
  • If you are a little bigger in the hips, flared versions are best for you. This style will help balance your frame.

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  • Mid-rise and narrow styles will suit you best.
  • Look for jeans without bulky pockets that might draw attention to your middle area.

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Other things to remember:

  • Always make sure your white jeans aren’t see-through or too thin.
  • Make sure your underwear isn’t showing when you wear them (so important!)
  • Your jeans should never be too tight either – squat or sit in them to make sure you’re comfortable.

Images: Pinterest, Nobody Denim, Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

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