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Ida Faux Fur Fabrications is a Canberra based label by designer India Rose. It was established around the same time we opened our doors at Rebel Muse and soon as we felt how soft and luxurious her faux furs were we knew our winters would never be the same without them.

We stock new product from the brand every 3-4 weeks but regularly sell out – so you gotta be quick! Actually, the current stock that we have on hand might just be the last drop until April next year, which we think makes Ida Faux Furs even more valuable than before.

To create each of her limited edition scarves India meticulously sources only the highest quality soft/high shine acrylic fur in Australia. And even though they’ve been working perfectly to keep us warm throughout winter, as the seasons change, we love how easily her furs are working as transeasonal accessories too.

Pop the little Paloma Collar over a cami during the day for any unpredictable weather changes, or take a Sadie Shawl out with you in the evening instead of a jacket (because who are we kidding, it’s still cold in Canberra!)

They’re timeless, effortless and we love how easily they can make a casual outfit look ‘done’. They’re also fab for adding a little glamour to a daytime look.

Plus, if it wasn’t for India’s creations we’re really not sure that we would have jumped on the faux fur bandwagon as much as we have this season, but we’re so glad we have.

India’s love of faux fur has prompted our love of faux fur too, which is naturally why we wanted to sit down with the brains (and beauty!) behind the brand, to find out what how she works, what she loves and learn a little more about her fashion journey.


Tell us a little about your background in fashion. Has it always been your passion?
I’ve been fashion crazy since I was little girl. My mum would take me into this gorgeous designer kiddy store and I’d leave with bags and bags of beautiful clothes. I would change my outfit 5 times a day. It would drive my mum crazy but I just loved dressing up. After high school I studied at the White House Institute of Design in Sydney. It was the most phenomenal college. I loved all the drawing and cutting and pasting. It was like being in kindergarten again!

More then that though, I just loved being around other fashion crazed students and the amazing teachers all of whom had jobs in the fashion industry too. After graduating I knew I wanted to work for myself and I knew I wanted to work with luxurious faux fur. When I gave birth to my beautiful baby Ari I spent of lot of time at home channeling all of my ideas. Eventually Ida was born! Ida stands for India, Denis and Ari. Denis is my best friend, fiancé and Ida’s biggest fan!

How did you come up with the concept behind Ida Faux Fur Fabrications?
It stemmed from an obsession with faux fur fabric and a struggle to find acrylic fur that felt and looked real.


Where did you first start selling your creations? What did you find the most frightening thing about launching your own business?
I first started selling Ida on my website and the first retailer to stock my product was REBEL MUSE. I get excited every time I walk into that beautiful store and see my product inside. Although launching my own business was such an emotional roller coaster. I think it is important to surround yourself with motivated and skilled people that can help you get to where it is you want to be.

I seek advice from people I trust but try to always remain true to myself. If you take one step at a time starting your own business isn’t scary. There will always be those people that will tell you cant or shouldn’t do it but I always like to remind myself that “There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less then the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela

Were you a mum when you first started your business?
Yes I was. When I launched Ida, Ari was just 8 months old.

How do you juggle motherhood and working for yourself now?
To be honest it can be tricky. Some days I juggle things well and other days I don’t. It is difficult to be productive when you have a bub crawling at your feet so I try my best to work when Ari is asleep. I take Ari to all of my meetings and so far everyone has been very accommodating.


What are your favourite fashion labels?
I love accessories! Isabel Marant and Chloe for shoes, Celine & Dior for sunnies and Louis Vuitton and Alexander Wang for bags. My favorite Australian brands are Kookai for basics and Aje for their luxurious fabrics.

What is your wardrobe mostly made up of?
Ripped black jeans, basic tees, faux fur, luxury bags, shoes and sunnies.

What do you own too much of/ can’t stop buying?
Basics! I am obsessed with t-shirts – black, white and grey. I also love candles and marble trays. I am running out of bench space for both. Time for a bigger house I think!

What are you currently obsessed with?
Soy Milk. I'm very health conscious and have recently cut dairy for my diet. I only feel human after 2 soy flat whites! I 'm also obsessed with greenery. I have lush leaves in glass vases in every room in my house. My home is monochrome so greenery gives it life!


Any other exciting plans on the horizon?
I have some really exciting things on the horizon but I’m afraid my lips are sealed. One thing is for sure though that Ida’s future is very bright!

Finish these sentences…

Coffee or tea... both. Soy flat whites and green or peppermint tea.

My guilty pleasure is…Diptyque candles! They are so over priced but I can’t stop buying them!

Summer or winter…summer for the sunshine and winter for the fashion.

I’m currently reading…I have so little time to read. I have not read a book in a long time. It is on my to do list. I do buy Elle magazine religiously. So sometimes I read the articles. But mostly I just look at the pictures!

Sweet or savoury….savoury. But I love dried fruit. Dates and dried mangos are my favorite.

My ultimate holiday destination is…anywhere warm with my boys. We went to Hamilton Island last year and it was dreamy!

Images: Ida Faux Fur, Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi

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